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    Have you ever had surgery, if so what?

    So I just had emergency surgery due to my right lung collapsing (Doesn't that make me sound old!), and was wondering what surgeries you all have had to endure! It can be anything from something severe, to just ear tubes; if they call it a surgery, its valid! -theotherside
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    Forum acount mishap

    I have a kind of odd question. I have been with x10 since 06, but my account messed up, thus I had to create this one. My previous name was Theotherside (a big change, yes I know :D) but I was soon not able to log into the forum section, or access anything. I was wondering if it was...
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    Have you had any problems with this program?

    I recently started using this program called Blue Voda and have been blown away on how easy it is. I was wondering if anyone has heard of it/run into any problems with it. Its like designing a webpage with a microsoft word/image editor, I mean I can make better stuff in this than in...
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    Are you voting this election?

    Okay, so this will be the first election I am elegible to vote for... And its (in my opinion) not a great one to start out on! Now I'm not asking who you are voting for, I don't want to start a flame war, just are you (and if you can state why in a civil way, go for it). Theres not really any...