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    Review my site? (

    I agree with everything said. I love the layout and the logo and all that, but am against the blue font.
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    NEXT CLUB---do review it

    Im not quite understanding. You submit your site to get traffic but the entire site is... what exactly? downloads?
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    My Website (Not named)

    I REALLY like the template! did you make it yourself or get it from somewhere? Im looking for a cleaner template like this one for my site when I get it back up and running. Good job. It should be awesome when you finish it!
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    Computer Tips And Tricks

    you definately need less of a generic layout, and maybe more color to attract attention
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    My site - feedback needed

    Very small and uninteresting site. You need more of a description of what the sites purpose is, without having to read a block paragraph
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    Lastest New Updates

    When is everything going to be up around here? Im really anxious to get my site working again (and having my blogs functional) after like 2 months of not having any site and losing followers
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    Unsuspended, and now blogs not working

    This comes up for he blogs on my site Error establishing a database connection This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact the database server at localhost. This could mean your host's database server is down. Are...
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    You know what to do!!

    Thanks so much guys! That makes me feel alot better! Tank you so much for the suggestion. And I dont live in Virginia, i live in Arizona!
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    You know what to do!!

    Some of those things I truly missed! thank you SOOOO much for your input. I cant believe some of the tiny little things you found. You realyl did a job for me! Edit: Ok! Ive changed EVERYTHING listed, andmore! What do you think, now?
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    Updated: review my site!

    I think it looks great! how did you do the vote thing? Its very organized! good luck with it!
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    My blog

    It looks cool so far. What are you going to blog about? you can always put adverts on it to help you get money, and there are SOOO many things that you can do with your blog. Check mine out, for example:
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    CPanel not working

    same thing =( Edit: D= I have no idea what to do... ever since this server update stuff I havent been able to edit my website at all =( Ive been searching around everywhere and just cant find any way to fix it.
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    CPanel not working

    "Unable to connect Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at"
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    CPanel not working

    Hey, Ive looked over other people asking similar questions but couldnt get any of the other suggestions to work for me. Alot of people are redirecting to exoworld, which I don't understand/cant get to work. What is ExoWorld? CPanel is just timing out. My CPanel username is: modlove so how...
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    What do you think?

    With the transparency it makes everything very hard to focus on. Other than that it looks good, Id like to check back when theres more content!
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    Reviews for Wanted!

    This site looks very clean and professional. When I tried to look at products it never seems to load. I love the FAQ, and the whole idea behind it! Good luck making money! I think you have a really good chance of it =)
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    You know what to do!!

    Hey! review my site please! Im new with CSS, but I did the best I could for a first timer! What do you think my site needs? What could be changed? Ive been trying to make a site where people can make their own sections/blogs and everyone can share a space on the web. This way there will be...
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    Wordpress blog login not working? anyone familiar?

    thank you SOOOO much!
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    Wordpress blog login not working? anyone familiar?

    when I look to upgrade it it says I have: Basic PHP Configuration - Upgrade pending Does that mean I am automatically upgrading already?
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    New Site-Suggestions?

    I think its awesome and a cool original Idea