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    service upgrade

    Hi, I would like ot upgrade my account to support 2 domains and another sql database. How can this be setup-pricing etc
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    v.High res photo site

    I must agree with previous posters on the site layout.Your content is fine, the content layout in fine but I just think for and photography site you could use more creative ways to display your images especially on the front page.Try including an image slider or things that make ur content/pic...
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    hosting multiple sites on one account

    I would like to be able to host more than one site on a single hosting package (paid for)Which package is most reasonable.. thanks
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    What do you think?

    very good can improve as go along but the site is very readalble and usable
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    My Environmental Friendly Website

    Good job did you use wordpress?
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    Hosting question

    And if i want to upgrade to a premium plan in the futher?
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    Hosting question

    I would like to be able to host multiples sites on one account whereby I can manage the different sites.What Package reflects this?
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    free image stocks

    Where do u guys go for stock images.I go to
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    Don't Know Where to Start for Aesthetic Part of Web Design...

    A technique i try to use it sketch out the layout on paper so u have an initial idea.If u can then do it using imaging software or look for a template in psd or otherwise and see how it can reflect ur design.Then code it
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    Wordpress is tops, it is used not only in blogging but it can be used as a full featured cms using plugins. Wordpress has a lot of plugins that can add cool functionality to ur site..U can just search for them.
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    Free Accounts Upgraded

    thanks you really are the best
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    Some Of My Work

    My thoughts too. when I saw the first one i said to myself that i saw these before.But i guest to replicate a style and remix it is kool.The last one really is creative.
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    Whats the best way to make a wordpress theme?

    Yea I highly recommend the Firebug add-on.I really helped me to understand and do a wordpress theme.This is a great tool for any is helpful also to start with a simple theme and experimenting with it. There are lots of themes that promote development but the trick is finding one that...
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    New to Website Design

    Yea man these designs look very good for a noob.What programs did you use?
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    Whats the best way to make a wordpress theme?

    there a lot of frameworks out their .try k2 it is a simle layout based on the default kubrick theme
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    How do i upgrade my free account to the Static premiumn plan

    I want to transfer my accountto the staic paln how can i do that
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    tell me what you think

    I think you have the right idea.PAy a little time background images.Also you should consider css it can make your site a little more modern.But your content layout is ok
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    signing up for premium hosting

    hey i was wondering I am from outside of US can i sign up for premium hosting.Also can I upgrade from my free hosting account
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    My basic website

    Ok you have an interesting site.But concering the design- You like to keep it simple then use plan colours instead of black use some borders around your articles to lay it out better.
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    Open Source graphic design

    Yea i agree Photoshop is the standard.But if you are now learning and not willing to pay ,Gimp is the best. What i find great the fact that you can use photoshop brushes and almost all file types that are supported on photoshop such as psd files on gimp.