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    Domain name change

    Hie. That explains a lot. Unfortunately, I thought my account was compromised and had requested it to be deleted so I could reopen it!!! :frown: A good thing I keep offline backups!!!
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    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.

    cPanel username:tideiwo (X ) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account is deleted. The X also serves as my...
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    Domain name change

    Domain name change from to still pending after 12 hours. Successfully transfered from godaddy parking 16 hours ago. None of the domains above domains functional anymore. Is that normal?
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    Post your specs

    Owww boys and girls. I feel so out of place. :-( Toshiba Satellite c650 15.4 inch screen 1.87 Ghz Dual Core Pentium 4 P6000 500 Gig HDD 2 Gig Ram Slackware 13.1 running Xfce4 32-Bit It aint fancy, but does what it's supposed to. :-)
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    Signed on, uploaded all my content and am already blogging, just like wordpress - except all in one day, and for absolutely %100 free!!! Am I'm missing something?? :-) I am now officially one of the cheapest guys around, what with free linux to boot!! Cheap, but classy!! Thanks to the guys at...
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    Hie. I'm new to the forums (obviously). Signed on today, and uploaded all my content, all without a single fuss. Impressed. Thank you to the maintainers of this here web hosting service.