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    Who here have jolicloud intalled on netbooks or old machines? I just installed jolicloud on my sister's netbook and I need someone comment on their experience and give me some recommendations. So far, there are now complaints from my sister and I think it is performing much better than the...
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Lol, agreeing to 2 year old post. :rolleyes: And I can't believe a thread this old is still alive. I believe most Windows based users would have moved on to Windows 7 by now. Comparing to older Windows versions, 7 had been the smoothest in performance even with all those eye candies.
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    how to make a web site popular on internet

    The only necessary thing is to make your website popular to the specific niche that it caters to. And almost all ideas implemented in websites have been copied over and over again. One thing you can do to thwart the competing websites is by updating it with new content regularly and if the...