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    IPB 1.3 Problem

    Well, I was trying to mod my ipb 1.3 and when i was trying to install the modification (referral modification by Steve) it turns out that the index.php file doesn't correspond to the rest of the board files. I took the ipb right from your scripts library yet the index.php is scripted for ipb 1.2...
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    Acct. Question

    Ok, I just want to know if I can transfer this account to my co owner so that I can get an acct. for a personal site/portfolio im making? the site that is currently associated with this account would stay the same and since im not really having two hosting accts. just letting my co owner take...
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    Omg Urgent Help Please Someone

    I was going to refresh my site and everything.. And I wanted to mass delete members and I deleted everyone including myself! I have no way of accessing anything..Please I dont know what to do.. Can anyone help me? Omg Im so scared...Please someone answer me.
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    URL Help

    Ok well I am running a site that is only a forum, now i was wondering if there was any way to make it so that when people type: they could view the forums. So basically, instead of having to type: they could just type...
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    [OFF] Photo Manipulation Sig

    If you want your name put onto this, post in this thread and send me 10 Credits. If you would like the .psd to this it will be 20 Credits (believe me its a great way to learn manipulation). Any takers?
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    My Backup

    Well, something went wrong on my forum and I want to run the back up. Just so I can get an idea, how long does it take to run the backup. I've already tried once but I figured it was a quick thing and after about 30 sec. I just closed the window. Can someone tell me how long the backup takes to...
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    Visual Basic for Free?

    Ok well I have a class coming up in visual basic, I wanted to know if there is a free, yet legal way i can get my hands on a copy of visual basic. For instance I want to know if it is legal to redistribute the BETA version of Visual Studio 2005. Can anyone help me with this?
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    MySQL Help

    Well I installed ibstore 3.0.2 for my forum and this error comes up when i try to edit items via ACP. Since it says to check the manual that corresponds to the sql, does that mean that you guys can like tell me what to do to my mysql to make it work or can you help me with this problem etc...
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    Backing Up Cpanel

    Can someone please tell me what the difference is between a full backup and a home backup? I want to backup my cpanel (files, sql logs, as much as possible) since I am attempting to mod my forums. ALSO: How do u reinstall the backups? for instance if something were to go wrong while i was...
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    Help With Ads On My Forum

    This has gotten me suspended twice now and it is until now I have neglected asking anyone. But can anyone help me put the ads on my forum. I honestly have been having troubles with it and if someone could like tell me how then it would be great! Thanks -Asperity-
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    Acct. Suspended

    cPanel Username: Chaotick Subdomain: How long your account has been up: ummm... i wanna say i joined about a month ago Did you have the ads placed on every page: This is probably why I am gettin suspended, I didn't cuz I still haven't figured out how to put them onto my...
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    My Acct. Has Been Suspended...

    Well whenever you go to the page.. ( ) It says that my account has been suspended... if there are any problems with the acct. just post back in this thread or talk to my co-owner on msn @ . this may be a mistake but whatever I...
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    SQL Database Problem

    This morning I was trying to get an IPB onto our site. (It had to get deleted cuz the guy that gave it to me gave me an illegal versino telling me it was legal) anyway. I deleted all the MySQL Databases and still it says that I only have one out of three left to use. Why is this?
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    Hey guys im new hear... just heard about this place from gamerenders and thought I would try it out..