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    Count to 1 Million

    2483 posts in this topic and more coming soon!
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    I feel x10hosting is better than other free hosting providers.

    500 mb hard disk space, no ads, no banners, CPanel, 2 MySQL accounts, I totally AGREE!!
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    Purchasing RAM, any recommend brand?

    look for their clock speed information on the web, and keep in mind that you must buy the one that fits in your motherboard, so if your motherboard uses DDR1 buy a DDR1 ram, DDR2 for DDR2 supported motherboards and such. So the things to keep in mind when you buy your ram: 1-The DDR version...
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    Review my site please

    Normal looking website :\
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    First of all, I haven't uploaded them yet. Second of all, you are that guy defending ACTA and SOPA, well I think I don't really like to talk to you, so please don't reply, I am not talking to you anyway.
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    Php form wont email

    MSN mails,Yahoo mails, and Google mails don't receive messages that are sent using php mail function, so create an email in your server, and let it receive the sent emails. Best, MJaoune
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    Phishing came from the words "Password" and "Fishing". An example about phishing, when someone gives you a link and you open it, the layout looks totally the same as the Facebook login page, and he told you to login, you input your username and your password, and then you click login, you...
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    Stop ACTA

    i dont believe there is a guy who is defending sopa/acta!!!! The money the money they are taking you will never even smell them!!! Stop that and get a life!! Or you want the life to cost money also??! Stop acta!!!
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    The Ctrl+V game

    I was copying files, so my clipboard is empty :P
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    Stop ACTA

    These stupid laws are not only affecting the USA, but the whole world. I am not from the USA, and I really want to kill that guy who came up with it.
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    Free Advertising Forum

    My Avira detected a malware
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    A great new SMF forum

    Please visit our new forum, and register for free, Click here to go to the forum The forum was built using SMF, coded using PHP, and hosted by x10 Hosting. Features of this forum: Built with SMF and updated daily. Has TinyPortal package installed to it. Has a very tough Anti-Spam system. Very...
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    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for banning for a stupid reason! :P
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    My SMF forum

    Please register to my SMF forum on my x10hosting server: Best, MJaoune
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    I want to learn PHP

    For better results, you should first learn: HTML,CSS,Javascript and then start learning PHP. Also it would be easier if you have some experience with a computer programming language, since the syntaxes are not that different.
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    Hello all :)

    You are always welcome here :) I have never had a problem with and I recommend it for everyone!
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    Cpanel Suspended

    I have got this message: "The filesystem mounted at /home/mnjaoune on this server is running out of disk space. cPanel operations have been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition." BUT I HAVE...