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  1. takuhii

    Can someone explain these domains to me

    I always considered myself pretty web-savvy, but the recent introduction of .info domains has bamboozled me!! They are meant as online address books, but you can point them to ANY location you like. I have a .info address and there is nothing to stop me pointing is at my blog and leaving it at...
  2. takuhii

    No Text Ads

    Hi, I'm on advanced, domain:, I have my text ads inserted into my code, as asked to, but the text links are not showing... Any ideas, as I don't want to get suspended?
  3. takuhii

    Zero Tolerance

    what's a nulled script?
  4. takuhii

    re: Forum Help

    My apologise, I was unaware of that change. it is quite frustrating I can't help people out though...
  5. takuhii

    Brandon, Sorry to contact you un-announced, but I really need some help, I am on an ad-enhanced...

    Brandon, Sorry to contact you un-announced, but I really need some help, I am on an ad-enhanced package, through Free-Hosting, but I am unable to reply to peoples posts in the free-hosting forums. Do I need to do something to be able to post in the forums??
  6. takuhii

    re: Forum Help

    But I am on free hosting, I am on an ad-enhanced package on Stoli. So I should be allowed to post support question in the free-hosting part of the forum. Also why can't we respond to other users problems, especially if it is a simple query, or is something I have experienced before and know...
  7. takuhii

    re: Forum Help

    Hi, I am unable to reply to peoples posts on the forum. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance Darren Edit: anyone?
  8. takuhii

    re: Help me please

    Hi, Can you elaborate on the problem? Where is the index.html located? Do you want the index.html to be in a sub-folder? Sorry for the odd response, but I am unable to directly reply to posts... Regards Darren
  9. takuhii

    re: emergy on my site

    it would seem you are referecing your flash file incorrectly; in the code it says: HDM .swf, fix that and you should be ok, I would think that this isn't a valid filename... It could be the original FLA is named this too, so make sure there are no spaces in the filenames whatsoever... Sorry...
  10. takuhii

    Stoli Down

    Apache is offline, therefore Stoli is down, also the account panel ( is broken. Any ideas chaps?? Edit: Stoli back up, account panel working and EXIM down... although I don't think EXIM is essential to the site functioning correctly
  11. takuhii


    I read somewhere that .htaccess files can "bleed" there instructions into sub folders. Is there ANYWAY to write the htaccess so it only controls a specific folder, I have WORPDRESS that is accessing the HTACCESS and using MODREWRITE in one folder, and I havbe ZENPHOTO also accessing the...
  12. takuhii

    error pages

    I think it's a simple as; ErrorDocument 404 /404page.html you shouldn't need all the http nonsense...
  13. takuhii

    Preventing Directory Listings

    Hi, I need to prevent a directory listing showing when I access certain URLs. Obviously my base URL is covered, but all the other URLs that come off that are not. I'd like to do this without putting index.html in EVERY directory (that will take forever) and without the use of JavaScript, as...
  14. takuhii

    Custom Error Pages

    I was wondering if it is possible to make my own error pages?? I'm on ad-enhanced, Stoli. Regards Darren Edit: ignore me I'm an asshat
  15. takuhii

    error pages

    it seems you can edit your error pages, but they won't actually display, the x10hosting error pages take over, the only thing i have noticed is that while i use wordpress, the wordpress 404 pages take over the x10 pages, so there is a way to over-rule the default, but I'm not clever enough to...
  16. takuhii

    Full Server Path

    thank you ;)
  17. takuhii

    Full Server Path

    Hi, I'm having some script errors, and the author is telling me the next best thing to the script working out everything itself it to put the FULL SERVER PATH into the script. I've tried /public_html/APPNAME, but this is telling me the directories in APPNAME don't exist (they blatently do!!)...
  18. takuhii

    Can't login to cPanel

    this works, for some reason if I login to, it redirects me to (i may have the port number wrong).
  19. takuhii

    Stoli Down

    it's still down...
  20. takuhii

    Stoli Down

    I know it is probably down to the updates, but just a little FYI