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  1. lostcommander

    Question about upgrade to premium

    *bump* Is there a better place for me to post this question to get it answered? Thanks.
  2. lostcommander

    Question about upgrade to premium

    Hello. I have really enjoyed x10's free hosting service for some time now, and it has worked great for the tinkering I have done so far. However, I am looking to host a portfolio of web work at the moment. I do not expect more than a trickle of traffic, and x10's premium hosting has the uptime...
  3. lostcommander

    [php]Want to know how to creat address like

    I am sorry if your first language is not English, but I would recommend that you use a word processor (MS-Word, Open Office - Writer, Google Docs) to create any technical posts you want to put on the internet, including help forums. The grammar, spelling, and wording can be tricky with the...
  4. lostcommander

    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    Thank you very much for taking such an active interest in the detailed use of x10. I thought I would try to help some more by expanding on my poll votes in the hopes the additional description might be helpful. I use my free account on x10 for my website (duh) which I use for 3 things: 1) an...
  5. lostcommander

    MySQL databases missing, need restore please

    cPanel and PHPMyAdmin both say I have no databases or database users (and there used to be some). I am on Stoli. I can provide more information if necessary. Thank you very much for your time and help.
  6. lostcommander

    Sending Automated Email Auction Style.

    You will want to use PHP to send the emails and interact with the database. You will want to use a CRON job to schedule a script to run once an hour or so to check the database for expired auctions and send out the auction expiration emails. You will want another PHP script/page to be the target...
  7. lostcommander

    Any game developers out there?

    Well, I am a person with a M.S. in computer science and am especially in artificial intelligence and games. :) I had seen this thread a while ago, but was busy with some other stuff at the time. I will be emailing sbonner and soki about their projects. Soki, you might consider adding some more...
  8. lostcommander

    Help needed to built a chat feature.

    This rather depends, napster7, on whether you mean to alert people as to when they have received a PM (ala Facebook's notifications) or whether you mean something like AJAX Chat (disallowed on x10) or a shout box (disallowed on x10). In any of those cases, though, to the best of my knowledge...
  9. lostcommander

    File formatting issue???

    So, this is part of my now 3 week bout of trouble with a broken website and strange errors and stranger underlying issues. For those who are tired of seeing these, thank you for your patience. Hopefully whoever next has these issues can have a solution instead of needing to put up with this...
  10. lostcommander

    Server files' domain(s) question

    GAH! ... Okay, finally resolved THIS issue: Fantastico auto-installed my stuff to domain.tld and I kept trying to use www.domain.tld because that is what I used before and I never even noticed that when I typed in an address www.domain... that it was dropping the 'www' part. *sigh* Thank you...
  11. lostcommander

    Using Flash

    I suppose there are a couple other ways to interpret your question, ikotabas. First, Flash is not used to design a website -- it is a kind of widget that can be used on a website to provide some sort of functionality, such as banners or games. Second, like everything else in computer science...
  12. lostcommander

    Server files' domain(s) question

    Thank you, descalzo, for the suggestion. Unfortunately this was not the case as the MySQL database, the config/settings PHP files, and the administration control panels for both WordPress and phpBB specify www.domain.tld, as I believe they ought to.
  13. lostcommander

    Server files' domain(s) question

    If we have a parked domain, how can we tell which domain our files are in/under? Do we need to do anything since the recent data center move to re-identify domains? I am asking these questions because I had phpBB + WordPress + WP-United installed and working a month ago and have had to...
  14. lostcommander

    WordPress "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare"

    WP-United is a phpBB mod, or at least it installs like one and all of its modifications and changes are to phpBB files. autoMOD sounded like another phpBB mod, and I did not see the point in installing 2 mods instead of 1. Also, the WP-United installation instructions warn that autoMOD may break...
  15. lostcommander

    WordPress "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare"

    But it is NOT defined in acp_wp_united.php ... I have all of the code stuffed into NetBeans and the ONLY place that function is defined is in wp-settings.php (a vanilla WordPress file). If you follow all of the include_once() and require_once() calls, eventually you get to wp-settings.php...
  16. lostcommander

    WordPress "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare"

    @ Christopher: So it is certain that the new servers do not have some odd setting that is messing with file formats in any way? If so, then what's up with upload+download stripping out all the blank lines? I suspect you are right that it is WPU and I have had a thread there with these...
  17. lostcommander

    General Error

    What page is generating that error for you? What piece of software is the erroneous page from? Are you sure that you entered the correct user name, password, and database name? Are you sure that you set the permissions/privileges correctly in cPanel to allow user...
  18. lostcommander

    WordPress "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare"

    Update: 1) I used Fantastico to auto-install WordPress. --) I navigated to the installation and it had been successful; there was a brand new WordPress blog there. 2) I exported the WordPress structure.sql from the new database. 3) I imported the WordPress SQL structure to the original...
  19. lostcommander

    WordPress "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare"

    A couple times in the past few weeks I saw my site up and THOUGHT the whole moves and updates etc. stuff was finished and so continued working on the site, so I am not sure how much that might have caused this. #1) I first ran into: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_unregister_globals()...
  20. lostcommander

    Free Stoli-hosted site still down after MySQL updates. Ignore if this is a known issu

    Re: Free Stoli-hosted site still down after MySQL updates. Ignore if this is a known Thank you very much, Zubair. That is all I needed to know for now. I do not see how this can be closed by myself and would appreciate it if a staffer/mod could do so. Yay for a great community. :) BtW that...