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    Greetings, all!

    Welcome to x10hosting =)
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    Component not Found - Error 404 on my Joomla Portal

    No Problem, have a great day :)
  4. mattblog

    Is chopin having issues?

    okay no problem, thanks
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    Component not Found - Error 404 on my Joomla Portal

    no, a server is where all files are being stores, when someone writes a script to cause havoc and over abuse that server, or put it under a ridiculous amount of stress, it can cause all other accounts to feel that stress too, ie, long wait times, sql errors, excetra
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    Component not Found - Error 404 on my Joomla Portal

    both servers could both have abuse on them seeing as how the response time is high
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    Automatic upgrading to premium?

    upgrade to premium, open a support ticket stating you would like your files transferred from your old account, provide the details, and they will do it for you. make sure to use the premium support ticket area as it will be faster.
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    Component not Found - Error 404 on my Joomla Portal

    if your on the chopin server it could be active abuse, please wait a while until the server comes back up and running again. i cannot reach it either, but no worries it will probably be fixed soon.
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    Is chopin having issues?

    i know this is a lot to ask but is it possible to get a move from one server to another?
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    Is chopin having issues?

    oh okay thanks
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    Is chopin having issues?

    Just wondering because its taking both of my websites atleast 25 seconds to load. One running mybb, the other running smf?
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    Is this enabled?

    mod_rewrite,PHP with mbstring, and MyBB 1.4 with UTF-8 encoding i need to know if this is enabled, for mybb google seo. I need to know because i am receiving 404 errors and didnt get this on another host. ---------- Post added at 09:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:03 PM ----------...
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    I cant delete my folders

    worked for some of them, but not others
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    Vending Machine (Game)

    you get my avatar i insert mybb forum software
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    SMF or MyBB

    Its hard to say, i would have said smf before, but now that i have actually used mybb, i would say mybb
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    I cant delete my folders

    It wont let me delete them?
  17. mattblog

    Several hosting account suspensions daily

    are you using any scripts such as wordpress, or anything like that. It could be because of your modifications on them. If you are using a chat room that can cause this, but is also against the rules. What this means is that when someone access your website, your website tried to send the info to...
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    PHP AND HTML Email Script Help

    I dont why, but it did not work for me. I did everything you said and it didnt work.
  19. mattblog

    i am giving free sponsorship every month

    where are you hosting the emails. Here at x10hosting?
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    MyDomain Email Address.

    You can create your own email adresses in the cpanel of x10hosting. Do want to host your email on their servers? Is that what you are trying to accomplish. You will then be able to access your mail through your cpanel. If you are trying to host your mail on their servers then this is not the...