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  1. changc

    problem connecting to FTP server

    oh. now it works! thank you. :)
  2. changc

    problem connecting to FTP server

    i am attempting to connect to the FTP server for my site, but no matter what I try, it doesn't work. It just sits there and times out after awhile. Here are my settings: Is this correct? I recently changed computers so I didn't have the FTP settings saved and...
  3. changc

    Is Stoli/MySQL down?

    My wordpress site is giving me "error establishing a database connection", and when I try to access MySQL through cPanel, it hangs and never finishes loading. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. changc

    Status page suggestion

    One more thing I'd like to see - integrate status alerts into the x10hosting user panel. Everyone has to go there, so why not?
  5. changc

    X10 Hosting Notifications

    In both Firefox and IE, there are options to subscribe to Feeds/have feeds as bookmarks. You do not need a separate feed reader to do so. Firefox: click on the RSS icon on the far right side of the address bar.Then there should be some options from there. Internet Explorer: There is an RSS...
  6. changc

    Free x10hosting is the best!

    I am sure there are people who start on free hosting and upgrade. :)
  7. changc

    If the x10 can increase the monthly traffic is like

    and it's only 3 dollars for twice that much.
  8. changc

    If the x10 can increase the monthly traffic is like

    I think the bandwidth and space offered here is already incredibly generous. If you look around at other free hosts, none of them have features that even match up to this one.
  9. changc

    Additional Changes

    thank you for continuing to provide people with awesome hosting.
  10. changc

    Possible Security Hole in Free Hosting?

    /After some more research, it looks like it is a user-end virus. Apparently, it steals saved passwords you have saved on your computer, especially FTP programs, and then it exploit you from there. I did a full sweep of my computer, and changed all my blog-related passwords (MySQL, cPanel...
  11. changc

    Possible Security Hole in Free Hosting?

    Hello, Recently I had a problem where my Wordpress blog was attacked by a malicious script. It appended a Javascript to the ends of dozens of files in my blog, and it broke it to where it would not load. I have searched around and it appears that this error has happened for other people as...
  12. changc

    Should old games be legal to download?

    All games should be free and legal to download. ;)
  13. changc

    When somebody close to you has cancer, how do you stop being angry

    I didn't mean to imply that your feelings were worth any less than hers. I am just saying that this isn't the time to be secluded. It's a time for bringing your family and friends together to share in your grief and support.
  14. changc

    Your Site's Longest Downtime with X10?

    3 or 4 days during the latest big move. I actually signed up right in the middle of it hahaha. But now my uptime is great.
  15. changc

    The Downfall of the Gaming Industry

    The gaming industry suffers the same problem that the music industry does. They got big, and as they got big they wanted to find ways to get more customers. So video games are now mass-produced and perfectly formulated for popular appeal. The goal is to get as many people as possible to buy your...
  16. changc

    Why do computers in movies always beep??

    Maybe they are passing on some subliminal message?
  17. changc

    When somebody close to you has cancer, how do you stop being angry

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. There is never anything wrong with ANY human emotion. We are all made in the same basic image, whether you believe it to be a divine one, scientific, or whatever. The bottomline is, we can all feel angry, sad, elated, or crazy. Any person can be...
  18. changc

    What do you choose for your blogging platform? Blogger or Wordpress?

    I think that in terms of ease use, Blogger definitely wins. It is very simple and quick. I noticed a big drop in productivity when I had to switch to the clunky wordpress admin. Wordpress, on the other hand, has a huge range of plugins and extra the question is, do you need...
  19. changc

    Reason to leave x10 Hosting?

    Not enough free pie. My last host gave me one every month.
  20. changc

    How do I get my domain working?

    You need to point your domain to the x10hosting nameservers, and I am not sure where that would be in eNom or google, but you need to log in from there, not from cPanel. For future reference, $10 is quite a lot for a domain. You can get domains for as...