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    Some domain issues

    I tried to park a domain name - which is My x10 account is So anyways, on the site which I registered the .be name on, I put the nameservers as and However, it wont seem to work. Any answers?
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    Just wondering if any of you have heard of MuggleCast, by MuggleNet. If so, what are your thoughts on it? I think its great, I really wish I could have been at the Live NY show but meh...I was looking at some pictures of it and those hosts are pretty much celebrities. It sounded so
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    A landscape

    So this is a landscape I made a while back. Not proud of it that much now seeing as what I could have accomplished with some more work. Nothing compared to what another guy I know has made with the same program.
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    This graphic community has been open for a few months and is readily growing. We have a render facility, store, arcade, sotw's, and more. So check us out, we have some skilled artists and we're always designing more and more things for our forum, site and for others.
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    Hello everyone. Ive been looking for a good free hosting company for quite some while. And it seems I've found it. It was either this or another website, and since the other one isnt quite working, I've chosen x10. (I'm starting to feel uneasy 'bout the other one since they cant keep thier...