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  1. alz4445

    Custom Image Borders with CSS?

    No. You can't do it like that. <div class="left"></div> <div class="top"></div> <div class="mid">content</div> <div class="right"></div> <div class="bot"></div> And in CSS set all of them to float left, and set the background images as the images you want around the outside, in bot, left...
  2. alz4445

    [300] Need a name for a new graphics/webdesign website

    Yeah, I guess so :) Edit: A bit late, but here we go. The winners are the two that I announced earlier. Leafypiggy, and withambition. They will both get 250 credits. Thanks to everyone who took part. I have chosen: TrilightDesigns. Regards, Alz
  3. alz4445

    [300] Need a name for a new graphics/webdesign website

    Brilliant ideas coming up guys. I may close this thread early, because I have thought of a great idea, mixing two peoples ideas together and creating 1 name. The two people that I chose parts of the name from, I will give them both 250 credits. Does that seem fair? First one - withambition with...
  4. alz4445

    [300] Need a name for a new graphics/webdesign website

    Great ideas guys, keep them coming. I will leave this thread open until mid-day, (GMT) Thursday. How about some ideas around the word "Twilight" or something similar, words like that.
  5. alz4445

    [300] Need a name for a new graphics/webdesign website

    Good ideas, although, I'd rather something without my name on it ;)
  6. alz4445

    [300] Need a name for a new graphics/webdesign website

    As the title says, I need a unique name for a graphics/webdesign website. I will pay 300 credits to the one that I like the best. Thanks, - Alz4445
  7. alz4445

    Speechbubble Generator!!

    Heh, nice idea. Works great. 8/10 - it can be improved by the user selecting colour for the border, text and background. Oh yeah, and erm.. I got this when viewing the PHP tutorials section..
  8. alz4445

    88x31 banner help

    Do you want all of the images in the animation, or just a few, or one?
  9. alz4445

    Link Builders Day

    Can you also add mine?
  10. alz4445

    Review N-Tech, please

    Thanks. By the directory, do you mean the links on the navigation? Because I will be able to make it center on one screen resolution, but on any others, it will just not be center, as I have to use Position: absolute; to get it to stay there in IE. And I was just about to do a Favicon ;)
  11. alz4445

    Review N-Tech, please

    Hmm... All finished in IE7. Not sure about any other IE versions (6/8) though, still works in FF fine, if anyone has any other browsers and would like to take a look, please do :) Added a few more things to the content boxes to 'liven' them up a bit. They looked too dull before. How does it...
  12. alz4445

    [50 credits]The (Un-)Official Christmas Raffle

    Sent 500 credits. (10 tickets)
  13. alz4445


    Nice picture, you've used the Rule of Thirds (if you don't know what this is, look it up ;) ) which adds effect to the photo. It's a shame that you were using that type of camera, otherwise it would have looked alot better with a bit more blurred background and more focus on the chess pieces.
  14. alz4445

    Anyone with knowlege of PhpBB3 and willing to help out?

    I'm creating a whole forum on how to do alot of stuff in PhpBB3, from simply adding smilies to doing complex script edits, you'll find it all. I've only just started this site, so it's kind of small. If you have any knowledge of PhpBB3 and would like to help me out, give me a PM or reply here...
  15. alz4445

    Review N-Tech, please

    Yes. Well if you read the 'latest news' section, you'd find out why. But it's half fixed now. (Forum fixed, blog not) Like what?
  16. alz4445

    Review N-Tech, please

    Meh. Fixed one part in IE, I just don't know how I can get that bar to align properly in both IE and Firefox.
  17. alz4445

    [150 or 500 credits]Advertise Your Site at SohailTech

    Still havn't got it ;)
  18. alz4445

    Some photos I took

    Thanks for the comments guys. That was the highest I'm afraid.
  19. alz4445

    Some photos I took

    I don't know where to put this, if it's in the wrong place, could a mod please move it? Thanks. ____ Link to all of them is here, hope you enjoy them. If you have a DeviantArt account, please post your comments on the pictures. If not, just post it here. :)...
  20. alz4445

    Review N-Tech, please

    Wow. What's your screen resolution? And where do you think I should put the search then? EDIT: Nevermind, it's just IE. Meh, I thought I fixed it for IE, obviously not.. This is how it looks in Firefox. (Just so you can see it properly ;) )