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    What do you think of a .info domain/whole name?

    I used .info domain before, but now I changed it to .com :)
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    Apple iPad

    iPad doesn't have multitask? Boring :(
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    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    Yes, Gmail is always no.1
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    Wanna use Windows 3.1 again?

    You can laugh with my question. Yes! This is just a funny question for you, but I think you should do that. You should have experience in famous Windows version - 3.1 and you can feel clearly that a computer technology is being developed so fast. Now it's hard to find a Windows 3.1's CD but...
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    Google Adsense

    You can put it in .php files. If you wanna put in the acticles, you edit single.php (in your theme folder). Or you can use Text widget, paste GA code in this. See demo in my site:
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    Upgrade your graphics is so easy?

    The AMD's Product Manager shows how easy it is to upgrade your PC with a new graphics card with a funny video. And this is a video How To Install A Graphics Card. A new graphics card lets you play the latest games, enjoy HD...
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    are you bored?

    :)) It is really fun :)