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    Mambo ...

    I'm having trouble installing mambo through fantastico again, its not so much the installing but when i try to access the index page it gives me a 500 internal error. Then I chmod all my inde files to 755 but it still doesn't work, anyone ever encounter the same problem ?
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    i've finally found my cms i'm going to use. Its just that it requires a mysql db and thats where i get confused. The form that it requires me to fill out says Database Host: Database Username: Database Password: Database Name: Table Prefix: and i have no clue what it's talking about...
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    Just wanted to know what cms your using or if your even using one. i'm really confused as which cms i should use since there really confusing or i dunno which file to chmod so it doesn't work. Already tried mambo but seems to confusing for me... so justed wanted to know :P
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    I am wondering how i can Chamod in Cpanel or somehow Chmod my Mambo files because whenever i try to get into the mambo directory it says the 500 internal error and i'm stuck on hwo to fix it any help would be appreciated
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    Hey everyone

    Hey there everyone nice forums here ... i love the skin :happy: