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  1. shervinemami

    Error Code: C085843B when changing my primary domain

    Hi, its been 9 days now and still not fixed! Can someone look into the error? Should I try again? Cheers, Shervin.
  2. shervinemami

    Error Code: C085843B when changing my primary domain

    Thanks, I just verified with a WHOIS server that my name servers are pointing at x10 and they are, and I just tried changing the main domain to again. Hopefully it will start working this time :-)
  3. shervinemami

    Error Code: C085843B when changing my primary domain

    Hi, Over 2 days ago I tried to change my primary domain from "" to "" but it gave me an error message: A change to your hosting account's primary domain. result A system error occurred while processing this action. Error Code: C085843B (I hadn't...
  4. shervinemami

    Can't access FTP anymore

    FTP is working now again. Thanks x10 :-)
  5. shervinemami

    Can't access FTP anymore

    Hi, I have been using FileZilla to access my (free) site through FTP for about 1 year, but suddenly it doesn't work anymore! I was using plain FTP (not secure FTP) with these settings: Host: Port: default (21 ?) User: shervin It was working perfectly until a few days ago...
  6. shervinemami

    Blocked on Facebook

    I am having the same problem of my website being blocked or blacklisted on many websites, including Wikipedia! And Wikipedia also blacklisted "", so I cant use that trick either! Is there any way to unblock my website or from these websites? The reason for...
  7. shervinemami

    Please review my site

    You should resize the main college logo so that the file is the same size as its displayed on the screen (I'm talking about "osuLogo.gif"). Since it is resized by the web browser, the user has to download a file that is bigger than it needs to be, and also it looks grainy when the web browser...
  8. shervinemami

    Programmer Wanted

    It really depends on what features & libraries you using in your software. Quite possibly, you can just run your WinXP program on Win Vista and everything will be fine, but sometimes there are problems and you basically have to play around with it until it seems fine. But porting your game to...
  9. shervinemami

    Free Software Suggestions

    Software Category: 3D Graphics Editor Software Name: Draw3D Short Description: A freeware Windows program that lets create & edit 3D mesh models in realtime, even on a netbook. Link: disclaimer: I wrote the software
  10. shervinemami

    3D Graphics in software compared to 3D Hardware

    When I started creating my 3D graphics software, I was using an Intel 486 computer, which was later upgraded to a Pentium with a 2D graphics accelerator card! I don't think 3D hardware even existed for PC's! So software rendering was definitely the best option. But now its a completely...
  11. shervinemami

    Which is the best GNU/Linux Distro? I think is Debian

    yeah I definitely agree that no distro is necessarily better than another, especially when you consider how flexible Linux can be and how varied its applications and users are. Some people want a simple GUI that basically just lets them surf the web and not worry about technical details, while...
  12. shervinemami

    3D Graphics in software compared to 3D Hardware

    Hi trossin, Thanks! Thats what I was hopeing to find out, a rough idea of the scale of comparison between hardware and software based rendering. Obviously specifically-designed 3D hardware renderers would be much faster at rendering than software rendering, otherwise there wouldn't be such a...
  13. shervinemami

    Speech Recognition Software

    Here are a few websites that let you play collaborative games, which are actually being used to train AI programs to do Image Recognition. The games are actualy very addictive somehow! (I think this was the original website using the idea)...
  14. shervinemami

    Gimp or Photoshop?

    Considering that Photoshop is one of the most popular pieces of software in the world, its obviously going to win the poll! But ofcourse, most people don't need many of the features of Photoshop, they could do everything they want with much simpler programs, but since Photoshop has such a...
  15. shervinemami

    Speech Recognition Software

    zen-r: Google DOES definitely do research in Face Recognition and tracking in photos and videos. I know because earlier this year when I was working on a Face Recognition system for a mobile robot, I was about to implement a similar algorithm to the one that Google published in...
  16. shervinemami

    Which is the best GNU/Linux Distro? I think is Debian

    Ubuntu is generally considered the easiest to install & use for basic use, because it has a lot of people working on getting the hardware to work without installing anything, and its targeted to normal people rather than computer geeks. But if you are a computer geek (like me), then you might...
  17. shervinemami

    Review my site please

    Hi, You have a fair bit of stuff in your website, so obviously you've done a lot of work! I just want to say that if you want it to look a bit nicer & more professional, the menu buttons on the side look quite grainy / pixelated. I assume you purposely made the buttons a little grainy so that...
  18. shervinemami

    Please, review my Web site

    I like the design of it, but I think it would be slightly better if it was compressed a little closer, so that people dont have to scroll down so much. I assume you have a very large screen, because on my 1024x768 screen, I have to scroll around so much to see the different parts of the pages...
  19. shervinemami

    3D Graphics in software compared to 3D Hardware

    Hey, does anyone have a rough idea of typical rendering speeds of 3D Hardware-Accelerated renderers and software-based renderers these days? I don't play 3D games so I don't know how much performance people usually have to play current games. Anyway I just tested the software renderer that I...