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  1. kaleidoscopekorral

    Cannot update password to CPanel Login. Please help!

    To whom it may concern, I can't login into my CPanel nor am I able to update my password from the account management panel. I'd like to access and update my site as soon as possible. Please help ASAP! Thanks, kaleidoscopekorral
  2. kaleidoscopekorral

    CPanel Login

    Can't access my cpanel because I do not have the password. Also test question to update my password does not seem to be working. Please help me. Thanks
  3. kaleidoscopekorral

    Minor design changes to my site

    Hello all, Its been awhile since I have posted here yet I was hoping to get some opinions regarding some minor design changes to my site. Please visit my site at so I can some feedback from you. Your time is greatly appreciated! kaleidoscopekorral:redface:
  4. kaleidoscopekorral

    A Teens Life

    I agree with most of the above comments stated here. The main thing I would change is your header logo as it could use some improvement. Also some pictures relating to your content would draw more focus and attention to your site. Interesting content and good luck with it. kaleidoscopekorral
  5. kaleidoscopekorral

    cPanel unaccessible

    Thanks Real Rebel! I was getting really frustrated too because I couldn't access my cPanel either. Do you think X10 hosting will put a direct link to a user's cPanel via the new Account Management Login Page? Why haven't they done this already? Regards, kaleidoscopekorral
  6. kaleidoscopekorral

    cPanel login failure & suspended a/c

    I can't login to my account either and I am unsure if my account has been suspended. Can someone help?
  7. kaleidoscopekorral

    How's my website?

    Very nice site design and great porfolio. I was inspired!!!
  8. kaleidoscopekorral

    Some Of My Work

    Some interesting and compelling artwork, Corey. If I were you, I would use the grafiti piece as my logo. It is the most legible of the three and has the most dynamic composition. Try using it with different backgrounds and/or colours and see what you come up with. Regards, Chapstick
  9. kaleidoscopekorral

    New group for pro designers

    Hey Johnny, Your group sounds like a great idea and an amateur like me would love to learn more about design in general when you get this thing going. -kaleidoscopekorral
  10. kaleidoscopekorral

    Want some free graphics?

    I'm glad you enjoyed the graphics, digitalfxpc! The pac-man background I have created is based on a tutorial I discovered not too long ago. Click here to view this tutorial and design your own.
  11. kaleidoscopekorral

    Want some free graphics?

    Hello all, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I do appreciate all the wonderful comments. I do agree with you about the background, Johnny. Admittedly, I wasn't being terribly serious when I included it in my redesign and its only a temporary solution until I can think of something...
  12. kaleidoscopekorral

    Want some free graphics?

    Thanks Johnny Bravo!!! Hi Johnny, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I would just like to say thank you for the time you have spent on the critique of my site and all the great links you have posted for me. You do bring up some very valid points and I will definitely implement these...
  13. kaleidoscopekorral

    Want some free graphics?

    Thank you for your opinions guys, it is much appreciated! I will definitely have a look at gimp editor, Cybrax, and hope to create some more free graphics in the future. I never even thought about emoticons but maybe I should have a go sometime. Also, is simple a good or bad thing? Do you have...
  14. kaleidoscopekorral

    Want some free graphics?

    Hi all, Just wanted to get some opinions about some of the free graphics that I posted on my site. Thus far, these free graphics consist of seamless backgrounds, tiled borders, and animated gifs. To access my free graphics, please visit the following link at...
  15. kaleidoscopekorral

    Comments and suggestions about my site?

    New Animated Backgrounds.... Hello all, Just wanted to share some free animated gif backgrounds that I have recently made. To view these backgrounds please click here. Does anyone here like these backgrounds? And would you use them for any of your websites? Your honest opinions are greatly...
  16. kaleidoscopekorral

    What do you think of my Logo?

    I think your current logo needs to be bolder and stand out much more than it does. Have a look at sites similar in content to yours and get some ideas from your competitors.
  17. kaleidoscopekorral

    the magic of photoshop, u should check this out

    An amazing example of work. Is it yours?
  18. kaleidoscopekorral

    Finally featured in

    A very nice site with a clean design, easy navigation, and some fine examples of your work. I especially liked the seperate window and navigational menu when you click to enlarge examples of your porfolio work. Any chance of sharing the code for that effect? My only criticism is that you need...
  19. kaleidoscopekorral

    Comments and suggestions about my site?

    Hi all, It has been awhile but I have spent much of my free time creating more fresh content for my site. If you are still reading this please check out my new tiled borders collection and tell me if you would use any of these borders and backgrounds for your site. Also, I'd luv to hear some...
  20. kaleidoscopekorral

    Personal Photography Website - What do you think?

    I think it is a fine site! The design is clean and it is easy to navigate and access your content. Whether your site is or is not made from a template may not be important to you or your audience. However, I do agree that your menu could use a bigger font size so that more people can view your...