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  1. Anna

    Account suspended

    Yes, that could be possible. Please send me an email FROM the email address on file to anna @ (remove spaces obviously, don't want it clickable) and let me know which email address you want me to set for the hosting account.
  2. Anna

    requesting unsuspension

    I have unsuspended your account. Note that the suspension had nothing to do with inactivity, logging in only prevents the inactivity suspensions.
  3. Anna

    requesting unsuspension

    We can unsuspend, but due to the nature of what was found it would need to be a clean account, meaning everything currently on there would be removed. Scripts no longer in use should always be removed, outdated scripts is a common source for compromise for instance. And it is possible that...
  4. Anna

    requesting unsuspension

    wp-automatic is a content scraper which we do not allow on free hosting as per ToS
  5. Anna

    Account suspended

    I see that the emails for resetting password has gone out from our system properly, can you please also check that it is not in spam/junk? I see that reset emails being sent out once yesterday and twice today
  6. Anna

    Native PHP Versions Other Than 7.2 Don't Work

    Can you please check if it works now?
  7. Anna

    I want to cancel a service

    The service has been set for termination and should be removed within 20 minutes, after that you can create a new service.
  8. Anna

    Your IP is blacklisted

    I did not see your IP as being blacklisted, it was however blocked in the firewall. I have removed the entry in the firewall. Please be advised that it is recommended to always go to DirectAdmin via as the password for DirectAdmin may not be the same as you use for...
  9. Anna

    Email account lost!

    This sounds like some oddities going on. I'll look into this, however it may not be as straight forward as to just add it to the account. One option is to attempt a re-transfer of the original cPanel account, though this would wipe the current completely, though as that is likely what caused...
  10. Anna

    Resolved Imagick Support for PHP 8.0

    I'll check in with the techs, but I'd assume it would be possible since it is already there for the other versions and there appears to be one available that should work with PHP 8.0
  11. Anna

    Changing subdomain name

    The domain has been set for deletion and should be removed within a few minutes
  12. Anna

    Disk Space Upgrade

    You've got roughly 300mb in backups alone, two instances of "Softaculous Backups", without those you would not come above a 75% usage so the request is denied at this time.
  13. Anna

    Account suspended

    The email address for the hosting account is the same as you have here at the forums. The account is suspended for inactivity, once you logged in you can unsuspend yourself (it would get suspended again on next run if I do it and you do not login before the next run)
  14. Anna

    Linked domain deletion request

    Just to clarify, you want and removed? They are domains and not accounts which is why I ask you to clarify that is what you really mean.
  15. Anna

    Getting some annoying error when creating Account

    Your country is currently not eligible for free hosting. We do re-evaluate the list of allowed/disallowed countries regularly so you could try checking back at a later time.
  16. Anna

    Cannot reset account password

    Depends on what you have in Thunderbird currently, the settings should be the same, unless you for server url have something like xo#, in that case it would need to be updated to use either your own domain (if you have SSL installed you can use SSL, otherwise it would need to be plain with this...
  17. Anna

    Inode upgrade request

    No. Inodes are a hard limit that we will not increase on free hosting. On our affordable premium hosting the limit is significantly higher.
  18. Anna

    Cannot reset account password

    You should be able to now. Appears you are in a country that isn't eligible for creating a new free account, but as an existing user I have set an exemption on your account from this rule.
  19. Anna

    Your IP is blacklisted

    I have removed the IP from being blacklisted.
  20. Anna

    Cannot reset account password

    Are you getting any errors? What happens when you try to login? I assume you also use the new contact email address as your login username, the old is no longer associated with the account in any way.