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  1. garrettroyce

    email to reset the password

    I just got a ton of bounce notifications from your email host a few days ago. Sorry, my response was delayed by the issues we had lately. It looks like you would have to request the host of your email account to unblock x10 or provide us with an alternate.
  2. garrettroyce

    Reenviar mi nombre de hosting a otro

    I believe the cause of this is that your account is still being restored. Right now users on x12 are seeing lingering issues. Can you please wait 24 hours and see if this resolves your issue?
  3. garrettroyce

    Password Reset

    Please create a new file on your hosting account in the root directory (not public_html, the folder above that one). In this file put the email address that you would like on file.
  4. garrettroyce

    Domain Email

    It sounds like the issue is your POP3 settings are getting you blocked. Please check the link in my forum signature on how I set up my email and see if that helps.
  5. garrettroyce

    Lightspeed cache

    You're using Cloudflare right now for your site, which would make the cache kind of pointless since Cloudflare already caches. I don't see that this extension is available to our free users.
  6. garrettroyce

    Site Status is Active but still Suspended...

    Your site is working correctly. Your index.php file is empty and so your site is just a blank page.
  7. garrettroyce

    email to reset the password

    I replied to you with a reset link. Did it not go through?
  8. garrettroyce

    No password reset email sent...

    It looks like this was resolved over Discord. If you have any further issues, please let us know
  9. garrettroyce

    No password reset email received

    Were you able to get this resolved? I checked the database and it looks like your account is updated.
  10. garrettroyce

    requesting unsuspension

    It looks like you have another service now and you can only have one. Would you like this one unsuspended and your new one removed, or would you like this one removed and your new one left alone?
  11. garrettroyce

    No password reset email received

    You can now log in using the email and password you provided. You should see your old account in the dashboard. You will need to click the "USER @ X##" button and then change the password. You can use the old password if it is a strong password.
  12. garrettroyce

    Reset password

    You should now be able to log in using the email and password you provided during signup. Once you log in, you will see your old service in the dashboard. Click the "USER @ X##" button and then change your password. You can use your old password again if it was a strong password.
  13. garrettroyce

    Error Code / Can't Access Website

    It seems to be working for me. Are you still having an issue?
  14. garrettroyce

    Error Code / Can't Access Website

    Please try again now
  15. garrettroyce

    I can't login. I have reset my password several times and I still get errors

    The IP address that you provided is indeed a residential IP address. I do not know why this was being shown as a commercial server. I have allowed this ASN access to the server; can you please try again?
  16. garrettroyce

    Lost email

    We try to prove custody of an account through email since this is our second factor authentication. I think in this case, if you answer some questions about your account, that would suffice to show ownership. SEND A REPLY USING THE PRIVATE MESSAGE FUNCTION TO AVOID EXPOSING DETAILS ABOUT YOUR...
  17. garrettroyce

    Email Address NOT ON FILE?!?

    You had found a bug I had missed during testing. I actually owe you a thank you for finding it :P
  18. garrettroyce

    No password reset email received

    There was an error transferring your account. Please note this has nothing to do with your hosting and your websites, databases, etc. are completely unaffected. Please follow these steps: 1. Make sure your forum password is secure. It must have 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number...