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  1. UndergroundMark

    My Opinion

    Hello All, I will be leaving x10hosting (not that anyone will miss me lol) but before I go I want to let everyone know what I think. I belive that x10hosting gives free hosting a bad name. The servers uptime is like 30%! I mean if people are trying to have a successful site...
  2. UndergroundMark


    I was suspended, and i think it was because i didnt sign inopt cpanel but I was not able too! it didnt work and still doednt.
  3. UndergroundMark

    Site deleted!?

    My site has dissapeared. I cannot access it via FTP program cPanel (won't allow me to login ) . and i cant see it in IE I know I signed in to cPanel in the last 2 weeks ( Within the last 4-5 days I'm Sure. ) what can we do about this. :) Thank you.
  4. UndergroundMark

    My site is down.

    I probably seem like a kid that comes whining everytime somethign on my site happens but, My site is down nothing comes up and I can't log in to my cPanel Which is a problem becuase I'm nearing my deadline to log in to the cPanel and not get my account deleted. I was just wondering what...
  5. UndergroundMark

    MY site is Down or has been DELETED!

    I have tried to go to my site and i cant get to it. IT's like its gone. It says Page is not available or wahtever that dumb thing is. And I can't acces the cPanel either. I know I logged in to cPanel no more than 3 or so days ago. So it couldn't be deleted because of that. And I haven't broken...
  6. UndergroundMark


    I think there should be like a referral system so that like when you refer someone to x10 and they sign up you get like so many posts. or like ad free hosting for a period of time or whatever. IT might be cool
  7. UndergroundMark

    Shopping Cart?

    HI Does anyone know of a FREE shopping cart I can put in my site that is easy to implement. (no hard codeing required) and that an x10hosting static plan can support?
  8. UndergroundMark

    Red Hat Linux

    I got a copy of Red Hat Linux and I was going to partition my hard drive and install it on my PC but lol none of the files on the cds are formats that windows can open Ha HA. How can I Install it.
  9. UndergroundMark

    Advertizing and Websites / Templates

    Yo all, Want to advertize in my sig? Let me know and we'll work out a price. IN points Of Course Also I make Websites and Web Templates for points too. :)
  10. UndergroundMark

    Donations Question

    HI all, Is it against the rules to like offer a service or something and payment be donation points? and advertize here on the forum like in your sig about doing this? Thanks IN aDVANCE! lol :)
  11. UndergroundMark

    Make an Embedded movie without the <EMBED> tag.

    HI all, IF you want to make a movie in your web page but the ebed tags thingy isnt working :P you can use this. BUt BEWARE it looks like a pic icon untill its loaded. <P align=center><IMG start=mouseover dynsrc=></P> Of course you can position it...
  12. UndergroundMark

    The ads dont work How do I fix them!

    HI I downloaded the ad zip package cuase i wanted to see an example of the ad for the corporate plan but none of them work it just says page not available. what do I sdo!
  13. UndergroundMark

    Adds for a static account

    Hi I have a static account. Does that mean I dont have to put ads on my pages? and what othere requierments are there do like i have to post a number of times to keep the account?