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  1. Wystery

    Can't access my own site and ftp

    Already submitted a support ticket but haven't got a response yet. My site seems to work under a different IP address (under proxy) Can a staff check it for me: cpanel: wystery Thanks
  2. Wystery

    Cpanel not working for me

    Yes, it's not only you. I have the same problem too and submitted a ticket.
  3. Wystery

    Double everything + Inactivity disappeared

    After moving to a new server, my double everything and forum inactivity features have disappeared. Please kindly recover them back. Thank you. Cpanel: wystery
  4. Wystery

    PHP allowed memory size

    Now that I got my apache and database fixed, may I ask whether the new hosting site limit the php more than before? I could not access my admin page and make new post and etc because of this. This is the error I'm getting. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to...
  5. Wystery

    Another Apache page

    Since lotus transfer is already done please check for mine as well Cpanel: wystery Thanks
  6. Wystery

    Gmail theme, which one did you choose?

    Under the Settings> there's an option for Theme or you may check out: Update: After testing multiple gmail accounts, I found out that not every gmail account have this new feature [yet]
  7. Wystery

    Gmail theme, which one did you choose?

    Gmail now allows you to make your email account more personalized. You will be able to choose a number of beautiful themes from Google. Did you bother to change your theme or just decided to stick with the classic gmail theme?
  8. Wystery

    No audio with Flash Player 10, & Vista- Any [polite] suggestions

    There are a lot of reasons why there's no sound in flash player. One of the most common issues is the mapping of wavemapper in registry. I believed this is most probably your case and I hoped that you are confident in doing some simple editing in Windows registry. Here are the steps: Click on...
  9. Wystery

    The Strangest Tech

    I am also using an external keyboard for my laptop. Having the wireless keyboard means that I can now lie back on my comfortable chair and surf the net from there. Talk about bad computer sitting posture. Aha
  10. Wystery

    Firefox Extensions

    I uses Mouse Gesture Redox: really liked this and use it in everyday basis. This extension enables you do make simple gesture such as hold down right mouse button and move up to open a new tab, down to open a new window, draw an L gesture to close tab and etc. Really speeds up my surfing...
  11. Wystery

    Lotus Apache down again?

    Please check. Thank you.
  12. Wystery

    Cname change request

    Confirmed that it is working now. Thank you very much.
  13. Wystery

    Cname change request

    Hello Admin, I am planning to use Google Apps for my domain. Can you please change the cname for me? I need to change the following mail docs start calendar sites Please set them to My domain is Thank you in advance =)
  14. Wystery

    MX record error

    MX 0 to MX 10 to Thank you in advance =)
  15. Wystery

    MX record error

    Hello, For some reason, I can't edit my MX record for my domain at cpanel. It is giving me this error: There was a problem changing the mx entry. Show Details Error fetching zone data for's MX I have the ip address for the mx record to point to. Can the...
  16. Wystery

    So, how does this look?

    Thank you for your visit I'm glad that it helped =)
  17. Wystery

    So, how does this look?

    Confuses? do you have other suggestion? Thanks. Will maintain and try to improve =)
  18. Wystery

    So, how does this look?

    Thank you for your detailed rating. Yes, I also think that it is too much gray, I will try to test around with other color combination. I will work on the menu and layout too. Thanks again =) Thanks. I will.
  19. Wystery

    So, how does this look?

    Ya, I will explore more skin of WordPress when I have time. Content is really important, I will try my best to write whenever I'm free. Thanks for your review Thank you for commenting. You mentioned on my site that you did not see my favicon? May I know which browser are you using? The white...
  20. Wystery

    So, how does this look?

    Hi, I'm new here and I've been trying out x10hosting. I'm please to say that i am really satisfy with it so far, keep up the good work! I just started this site not long ago, please feel free to review it or give any suggestion in terms of color, layout and etc Thank you