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    My Cpanel not working, everything else is fine

    Hi, My site's been working fine for ages, but today I decided to log in to c-panel to check out some stats, but it keeps saying "the page cannot be displayed" when i browse to In the server stats, it says "CPanel: Online" I'd be very greatful is someone...
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    What on earth has happend to my site? Please help. Thank you!
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    My website isn't working! Help

    Hi my website isn't working. Here are my info: Account Username:asim18 Primary Domain: Hosting Type:Ad-Free Features:cPanel 10+, MySQL, PHP 5+, CGI, FTP PHP Version:PHP 5.2.4 - Intermediate Ver. Server: absolut.x10 ACCOUNT STATUS: UNSUSPENDED I can access...
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    RE: Help setting up my "" domain

    I had a previous thread with same problem but the admin decided to close it :dunno: anyway continuing from the previous thread: This is what my cpanel looks like...
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    Help setting up my "" domain

    Hi I want to use my "" domain with my website hosted here, how do i do this. In the control panel for my domain name, it asks for addresses for 2 nameservers. Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks!