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    I need A record URRGENT

    Re: Pls repls techash Spammer! Why is automerge not enabled?! xD, at all other forums it is. If u set a RECORD also do the mail server, or u will get a problem with mail
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    News/Anouncements Forum Suggestion

    Hi, because all topics in News & Anouncements forum are all messed up by date(so even really old get on first page) i liked to see it to make it Read Only ;) Anyone also want this?
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    My Account Is Suspended - SPND_RUSAGE3

    Tip: Do everything on a local MySQL installation(Windows or something) if u know how to install apache,mysql,php on it. Set it up completely, then backup ur mysql database in a sql file. also backup the files. Then get a Premium package. Then go to PhpMyAdmin. Then go to Import-> From SQL File...
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    My new place!

    :O 1 week thats bad
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    hey :)

    x10hosting servers are a bit stressed out the last months, much changes has come to the servers that will slowdown the servers
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    Question! Do I need to keep logging in?

    Its not stressed for me, i got a bit into the forums :)
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    My account is suspendet

    what language do you speak?, you can still ask admin's to get ur database backup
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    Addon Domain

    Or go premium ;)
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    A Day in the Internet

    The internet is going to get so big that all IAP/ISP servers will die in some years:cool:
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    How old are you?

    Im 14 years old:lockd:
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    [REQ][Free] Lockerz Invite

    Can i have invite code?! send it to ;)
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    Hosting reliability and speed

    and unlimited disk space/bandwith ^^
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    Addon Domain

    Go to the account panel and then go to upgrades-> Double All Package. it cost some bucks
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    Absolut \ Cossacks

    Nice, then the servers won't be over-populated in the next weeks
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    (Starka) Can't connect to my site!

    What's now the matter with the Starka server?! has again problems?! i can only access cPanel edit: works sometimes now only.
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    What languages I should learn to make a killer website

    JavaScript FTW! with that you can make nice dynamic content :)
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    Php 5.3.1?

    and what are those "large projects"? ^^
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    Bing Up, Bing Down, Bing Up

    Ye, at Firefox 3.5.5 its broken and 3.5.6 beta too... ie too... firefox 3.6 beta 4 too... Google Chrome too..., WTF IS THIS? oh and at Opera 10.10 too... xD
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    Phishing Alert

    I've got those emails at Gmail i reported it there as spam and it's now accepted