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    Ok since i have an account i might aswell put it to use check out and see if there's anything there that interests you. If you would like a wallpaper just put... 1.Link to wallpaper 2. size wanted and then i will upload it for ya :bigok: Lets say 3 points a wallpaper
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    Which Lost Character Are You

    Take the quiz: Which LOST character are you? Sayid You are Sayid You are above average in intelligence and your military experiance will help you survive on the island. :coolugh:
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    Hosting Music

    Is it possible for me to have a radio station hosted on my x10 account (not that i have one) i wanted to no as i am hoping to open a music site thanks in advance
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    Cannabis Ban For Brits,,2-2005510311,00.html :sad:
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    The warriors

    anyone layed this game yet ? planning on gettin it soon, and heard nothing but good things about it the movie was a classic, game shouldbe good aswell:hsdance:
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    Top 5 music artists

    was just wondering, lets see what tastes of music we have on this site... in no order: -dmx -Nas -Game -Kano -Kanye
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    just an old friend of auvee's dropping by to say hi :coolugh: