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  1. hell_legend_199616

    Abstract Wallpaper Pack 1

    hey guys tell me what you think of these Download:
  2. hell_legend_199616

    The Ctrl+V game
  3. hell_legend_199616

    please review my site

    try using dropdown menus instead
  4. hell_legend_199616

    Art Site

    ok thanks. ill look into it. you wouldn't know how to do it would you? (im using wordpress)
  5. hell_legend_199616

    Review My Site (Art Blog)

    yeah i know. I'm working on it
  6. hell_legend_199616

    Art Site

    i have an art site that has art on it (duh...) please have a look at it. thanks - Anton
  7. hell_legend_199616

    Review My Site (Art Blog)

    not really any purpose. graphic design has always been a hobby of mine and this site is just a place where some of my stuff is displayed.
  8. hell_legend_199616

    Review My Site (Art Blog)

    ok thanks
  9. hell_legend_199616

    Free Wordpress Themes -shared by- Best WP Themes

    iphone mania is nice. i like how its layed out. stylish and still pretty clean.
  10. hell_legend_199616

    New Artists Site

    hey check out my art blog. may interest you.
  11. hell_legend_199616

    Secret Tribune News Magazine Portal WordPress Theme

    this looks alright, is there a demo page?
  12. hell_legend_199616

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    ubuntu is great... i rekon the best part of it is the unix shell. and theres lots of gnome eye candy to make it look awesome. The software center is amazing. Although i think i use synaptic the most. Im actually surprised that windows has got so many votes. thought all the programmers/coder...
  13. hell_legend_199616

    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    i use it for an art blog. This service is great! only way to improve is if i finally get my head around PHP :S it's really complex
  14. hell_legend_199616

    Review My Site (Art Blog)

    ok i will try and get that done. Thanks for advice. does anyone have any advice on how to get people to view it?
  15. hell_legend_199616

    Review My Site (Art Blog)

    cheers ;) not quite sure how to get people to view it :S
  16. hell_legend_199616

    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    avira, zonealarm and peerblock together are lgiht and effective
  17. hell_legend_199616

    Link Exchange - Digital Abstract Art Blog

    Ok so i have an art blog i will put 3-5 links (HTML image or text) on the sidebar of my site. (all pages) if you would do the same for me. Im not to fussed on the size of the image aslong as it fits in the sidebar. -Anton
  18. hell_legend_199616

    New Artists Site

    Nice site. i like the feel/theme of it. it's got different buttons. not something you see everywhere (which was the first thing me eye went to when it loaded). the mouse over buttons work well.