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  1. link001636

    Site blocked by Virgin Media WebSafe filter?

    I got a message from someone who tried to view my forum saying that the WebSafe filter on their ISP (Virgin Media) blocked them from accessing it. I've run online scans on my forum and no malware was found. In addition, there are no traces of inappropriate content on my forum either. I am...
  2. link001636

    Review my site, please It's not big right now, because I had to create a new hosting account 6 days ago. (My old one got canned a long time ago, due to cPanel inactivity) But I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  3. link001636

    Review my site, please It's not too big right now, because I started it about 6 days ago. Origjnally I had a hosting account on here, but it got removed due to inactivity a long time ago. So, I had to start over from scratch.
  4. link001636

    Re-using my old domain?

    Well, I've set up my hosting stuff again, but I kind of want to use my old domain, My current domain is, but would it be possible for that to be changed to my old domain?
  5. link001636

    Site gone?

    Well, whenever I try to go to, I get a Domain Does Not Exist error. I didn't log into my cPanel for more than 30 days and now I've come back to unsuspend my cPanel account (because of the inactivity stuff.), but can't do anything. Has my database and stuff been wiped...
  6. link001636

    Change domain name?

    I've decided that having "resist" in my current domain name(Same one I've used ever since joining x10) may lure potential members away, so.. Can I have my subdomain changed to ""? Also, I want to have the redirect to the new URL(whenever it's changed), how...
  7. link001636

    So what do you think of my site?

    Well I'm working on a light theme..
  8. link001636

    Site is slow..

    Well, yesterday my forum was loading fine and now it's loading slow today.. And when I try to access the cPanel, it's saying that the server is too busy and gves me a 500 error.. What's going on with the chopin server?
  9. link001636

    So what do you think of my site?

    Ok.. I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about.. And most of users seem to be just fine with my theme..
  10. link001636

    So what do you think of my site?

    Well there is a light theme, though.
  11. link001636

    So what do you think of my site?

    It's unsuspended now.
  12. link001636

    So what do you think of my site?

    I hope no one minds if I bump my thread up..
  13. link001636

    Which games do you think is the most difficult to play?

    I wanna be the guy and the Retro Mega Man games. That's really all. Oh yeah and "Kino Der Toten"(Known as "Nazi Zombies") on Black Ops can get difficult too.
  14. link001636

    So what do you think of my site?

    Forum Name:The Resistance Forum URL: Genre:Gaming/Anime So what do you guys think of my forum? What could I do to improve it? Any suggestions?
  15. link001636

    X10Hosting Gamer Tag Listing

    Username: link001636 Real Name: Prefer not to reveal Age: 16 Location: N/A Xbox Live: (Xbox Live Gamertag goes here if applicable) PSN: Luigi1632 Steam: (Steam ID goes here if applicable) XFire: (XFire username goes here if applicable) Games: LittleBigPlanet 2,inFAMOUS,Valkyria Chronicles and...
  16. link001636

    Came here for free hosting.

    Well, since my previous forum's host, [removed] is closing down, I decided to come here to x10, to see what's up and well.. I'm Saohc and I enjoy video games and anime, along being a bit of a expert on the "horror" genre. Anyways, I'm here and I wonder where I should go to get my free hosting...