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  1. Arucard98

    Site is STILL down

    Just checking, should my site still be down? I get a 500 Internal Server Error. (if it's not that then it's arucard9) Uhmm cpanel is arucard9 I can get into cpanel, haven't tried ftp just yet, but I get that error (It only seems to be happening on...
  2. Arucard98

    Server down?

    I can't access any of my sites through any of the domains I ahve online, or even through my subdomain
  3. Arucard98

    Free down?

    I checked the status and it says a few important things are down :/ Service Status HTTP Offline FTP Online S-FTP Online MySQL Offline cPanel Online S-cPanel Online POP3 Online S-POP3 Online SMTP Offline DNS Online SSH Online
  4. Arucard98

    Free advertisment!

    Hey everyone, do you have a banner for your website? I'm putting up free advertisement on my site, just post the 468x60 or w/e the measurment is, and post the link it should go to, and I'll add it to my site,
  5. Arucard98

    New Website Starting up

    Hey everyone, I'm starting my new website and I'm looking for some people who'd like to be: Forum moderators -Forum moderators must speak english until I open sections in other languages. Journalists (To write news articles, reviews of movies games and music) Also, anyone who'd like...
  6. Arucard98

    Everything down?

    Looks like MySQL jsut went down, and I can't get to cPanel either
  7. Arucard98


    Ok, I've been working on re-codeing one of mywebsites to run completely off of vBulletin, i purchased a license and installed the script and now, It displays just FINE for me, but anyone else that goes there it just displays some gibberish! A friend of mine...
  8. Arucard98

    [REQ] Simple Script[5$!]

    I need a script that can be used withvBulletin, and what I want it to do, is a registered user on my forum click to go to the page, it says like .:Please Wait While Being Proccessed:. and while it says that, it adds they're user login and information as if they had registered here, useing me as...
  9. Arucard98

    [REQ]Simple Script(Ithink)[1300 Points]

    I need a script that I can run from a vBulletin forum so that when a user is navigated to the page, they are shown a registration form, and it needs to do 2 things, one, register them on another forum(which i can get the mysql data to if I need it) useing my username as the "Refferal", I can...
  10. Arucard98

    DarkCel Designs - Need Staff

    Dear X10 Users, DarkCel Designs is getting ready to open, and there is a lot of staff positions open. In need of: ♦ Talented PHP Coders to write site scripts (Guitar Tab Library, Music Review System, and User Membership system etc) ♦ Talented Web Designers that want to sell...
  11. Arucard98

    Want A sig? My Sig "Portfolio"

    Hey if anyone wants a sig made, jsut pm me and I'll try and make one as long as you do a good job describing it :) Some sigs I've made in the past: And a fun one :p
  12. Arucard98

    [REQ] Simple Guitar Tab library Script[1,000 Pts]

    I need a script like where users can register, write tabs and submit them to the site, where they will be categorized by Band, and then By name, and it would also be handy if there was a tab rating system, just like 1-5 stars type thing for me website
  13. Arucard98

    Just wanted to say...

    I just wanted to say, that no matter how many times our sites go down, or the server is having problems, this is still the best hosting company I have ever been at, you guys have some exceelent service, and there's always someone around to fix the problems that go on, so I just wanted to say...
  14. Arucard98

    Site Is down?

    Right as I posted this it started working sorry...
  15. Arucard98

    Site not working?

    I checked all the server alerts and things, and my site is not working for some reason o.O cpanel username: diluted subdomain:
  16. Arucard98

    [OFF]Template for sale

    That's right, this wicke dhosting template, can be used for anything with a little customization Flash Preview: (Note: Flash Previews are strangely sized from imageshack, they...
  17. Arucard98

    Quick Question

    Can we sell things in the market place for real money or is it strictly points only?
  18. Arucard98

    FTP/Subdomain trouble

    Ok, so I'm setting up a site right, and I put all the info in for a subdomain, and then make an FTP account to the folder that the subdomain is going to, and when i try to connect to the ftp, all is well, but suddenly my ftp client pops up with an error says: So I go to the subdomain, to...
  19. Arucard98

    I read news, and EVERYTHING MySQL databases don't show up...But they work....bnut I can't get to them in phpMyAdmin, and they don't show in cpanel..
  20. Arucard98

    Hiring PHP Coder, and Template Designer($$)

    Project I want to make a gaming news website, that has articles about the latest releases, a review system etc. [Fast Forwadring a little to get your attention] Needs Contact Anyone interested, email me at, or contact me on msn at