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    need to identify this virus, then proceed from there ...

    My buddy asked me to check on his laptop (Toshiba, Window 7) and he claimed he had 50 gig left on his hard drive and now he's down to 24 gigs. Something is eating his storage. He tried Malware trying to clean it up to no avail. Can anyone identify this virus and help clean it up? Thanks
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    current computer monitors : besides VGA, now they inc. HDMI inputs ... question

    Do any of you have those new monitor with HDMI input? Just wondering, if you could get those analog converter to HDMI so you could watch any of your old components with AV input / output jacks on these type of monitors. I'm planning to purchase a new monitor and I'd say 90% use is for computer...
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    Laptop, possible battery is not recharging? Battery is new.

    I thought my battery was shot. It had a one year warranty so I brought it in. They measured the charge. It was dead. But the cashier wanted to check my power supply too. It read 19 volts so that was o-kay. But when I got home seems like the battery was not recharging. Battery was low. The...
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    Purchasing RAM, any recommend brand?

    Well documentation of my laptop says 2 gigs (old 2004 Dell that's running strong) is max of RAM. Laptop is running fine.
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    Purchasing RAM, any recommend brand?

    Cool, thanks, I guess name brands is the way to go. Pay more, don't worry about consequences.
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    Purchasing RAM, any recommend brand?

    I know which RAM to get (PC2700 DRR1 333 Mhz, yes, its an old laptop). Just that is there any brand should I be aware of. The popular brands such as Corsair, Patriot, Centon, Kingston, PNY are fairly reliable. Is there those off-brand names (they're few dollar cheaper) but have higher defect per...
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    inactivity question

    Kind of weird coincident for me. I usually use an FTP app to upload things to my site. But my MySQL was not working so I decided to go through the C-Panel see what was wrong. Then I get an e-mail about inactivity I just wondering: "Was it because first time in a long time I used the C-Panel...
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    Purchasing RAM, any recommend brand?

    I'm adding more RAM. I familiar with these brand Corsair, Patriot, Centon, Kingston but then there will be some off brand that's cheaper than the ones mentioned but I'm afraid to purchase them because they maybe faulty. Of course I could get my money back but I don't want the hassle especially...
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    USB powered HUB

    Lol, maybe I was your "typical technical support" person, giving more information than needed, Lol By the way, to those with one USB port I highly recommend a powered USB port hub if you are using an external hard drive. You will have a faster file transfer file to your external hard drive.
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    USB powered HUB

    Purpose of this thread is if you have one USB port (older laptops) yet you have many outboard, peripherals using USB ports then get a powered USB hub. I say file this under Duh-Uh because some members will roll their eyes like nothing new or because they have a zillion USB ports on their laptop...
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    USB powered HUB

    File this under "duh-uh" .... my laptop only has one USB port. So I've been using an adapter for multi-USB port hub (passive) for wireless mouse, fan, external hard drive fan and 10-key punch. Anyway, sometimes I would loose the wireless mouse, there was twice where I transfer some files to the...
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    Best Operating System

    Is there such thing as "Best Operating System"? I mean I prefer one over another for my preference but can't say one operating system is superior over another and I tried most => Windows (3.1, 95, 98, NT, 2000, Millennium, XP, Vista, Window 8), Mac (don't recall the versions since I was taking...
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    how to use IDE harddisk with laptop

    Someone recommend this product to me on my thread a while back.
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    how to use IDE harddisk with laptop

    Yup, all the above. You guys helped me when I wanted to retrieve data from my SATA drive from my other laptop. I got a Rosewill module that accommodates a 2.5 and 3.5 SATA drive. So I'm sure there's one for IDE to USB. Matter of fact on my post someone had a link to one.
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    Windows or Linux?

    Maybe I"m just paranoid since my last laptop overheated. I think my Ubuntu Linux triggers off the cooling fan more often than Windows. I now using a laptop USB port cooling fan. But bottom line, I'm a cheapskate and use Linux since most of the Apps are free. Heh, heh, .... Gosh, what if I was...
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    I like FireFox. Here at my public library, patrons have to log on with their user IDs and passwords. The forum comes up fine in IE but not in FireFox. It used to. So I'm on Ubuntu using FireFox trying to log on the the public library WiFI system and the librarian cannot help me because Ubuntu...
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    Death Penalty

    I guess you members are pretty civil on this topic. I seen on other forums, the moderator would have to lock the thread. I guess discussion here is for people who are on the "fence" where they stand or haven't seen all pros and cons. I do have a stand on this issue. But as strange as it sounds...
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    Death Penalty

    ... taking the easy road[?] I heard both side of the issue. No NEW facts. Maybe I should have not said anything. But what I'm stating is no one is going to change anyone stands unless this subject is new to other members. That's all.
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    latop, external fan => works for me.

    I had my experiences with over-heating laptops with one of my laptop dying on me. Anyway, my Dell sometimes gives me warning that the laptop is running hot (Window). On my Ubuntu Linux side, the red triangle pop ups on the upper right-hand corner. ... anyway, one day, I didn't know what was...
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    Install windows xp in 5 minutes

    While we're on this subject, my HP Window 7 laptop died. My buddy gave me his Dell Inspiron with Window XP. I actually have Window XP Pro Disc. Could I upgrade my XP to XP Pro? What I really need is to install IIS Internet Information Service so I could run ASP. ... or is it possible to...