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  1. george21

    Support ticket not working

    It's a free service, what were you expecting? x10hosting has tens, if not hundreds of thousands or customers. Serving them all is a hard task, and they do a fantastic job. Not every issue is fixed quickly. If you don't like it, I would recommend moving to x10Premium where you will get support...
  2. george21

    Has PHP been updated today/yesterday?

    Seems you're not alone. Guess something's been changed somewhere on the line. Nothing you can do, just have to wait it out.
  3. george21

    Oops - Has mySQL been updated today/yesterday?

    What, exactly do the error messages say?
  4. george21

    PHP PDO Problem

    Just means PDO is not installed or is misconfigured. Skizzerz did however say it should be fixed in a couple of hours 2 days ago. Nothing on the status page either. Will just have to be patient.
  5. george21

    Can't access my site - falls back to default. works fine. Shows this: Note:
  6. george21

    Forum is very slow at times

    It seems fine at the moment. The ping has reduced by around 60 miliseconds too, which is good. C:\Users\george>ping Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=125ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=125ms...
  7. george21

    Forum is very slow at times

    I see. I'm not too sure updating the version of VB will help. Just looking through the changelog, there's nothing mentioned about performance improvements. vBulletin has never been the fastest forum software. Might be worth moving to MyBB or possibly XenForo.
  8. george21

    Wordpress issue

    Best you can do is wait if it's still open.
  9. george21

    Forum is very slow at times

    I find it near impossible to help people on the forum sometimes since it's very slow. I just did a Pingdom test on the forum and the result was 7 seconds.!/bqlydHnO1/ The ping was bad as well: I would get a lot more posts in and help people...
  10. george21

    Site Error

    Thank you. I can indeed confirm that the default website page is showing. Unfortunately this type of error can only be fixed by root users. You'll need to submit a support ticket.
  11. george21

    Have Change DNS but Site still no found

    Please create a directory called public_html in your /home directory. Then, that error should disappear and you should get Index of
  12. george21

    Site Error

    The default website page is usually caused by a change of server IP address or DNS propagation. Please provide us with the domain, or PM me it if you would prefer so this can be confirmed. Might just be cached.
  13. george21

    Have Change DNS but Site still no found

    What's your domain, please? It's probably the result of DNS propagation.
  14. george21

    Wordpress issue

    There's been a huge amount of tickets recently due to servers being down caused by upgrades, which are now complete. Is your ticket still open, or was it closed?
  15. george21

    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.

    You're supposed to submit this via a support ticket, rather than on the forum. Please do so.
  16. george21

    Still getting resource limit hit messages?

    With double the amount CPU & Memory, that is indeed odd. You must be running a fairly big site to hit those limits. What scripts (if any) are you running on your hosting account?
  17. george21

    Backup of my website

    x10 don't offer the back up wizard which is a standard feature in cPanel, to try and keep the server load as low as possible I believe. Anyway, to back up your website you'll need to download all files/folders to start with. This can be done via FTP or cPanel's File Manager. I would recommend...
  18. george21

    Disappointed with X10 Lately

    That's not a problem with x10. That's your database configuration. Try re-adding lacems_jo151.jos_session - That should fix the problem.
  19. george21

    Disk Space Usage too low

    Have you deleted any files from your server recently?
  20. george21

    Disk space upgrade You're limited to 500MB since you're in a high risk currently apparently.