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    Post your specs

    Desktop: CPU: Pentium 4 HT 631 3.00Ghz cpu LGA 775 Mobo: Gigabyte VM900M v1 Memory: Kingston DDR2 800 2x1Gb Modules (2GB) Video: nVidia Geforce 7600 GS 256Mb PCI-E HDD: Western Digital 80Gb (74.5Gb) (Used 65.8) Monitor: ViewSonic VA1912wb WideScreen DVI/VGA ( DVI in Use ) Sound: Onboard HD...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    The 1st AV i ever used was Norton, it was very good, did its job and never has a problem with it, but in the end it was slowing the system down and using a lot of memory, so i then changed to AVG, avg was good, but didn't have a lot of feature like Norton did, didn't have a auto notification...
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I use XP for the Huge library that avaliable to it, the amount of vast software thats avaliable for windows is huge, sure mac is good and generally geared towards the creative side of things, linux and the rest that fits the linix catagory is generally for the professional coder & power user...
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    Battle of the Browsers

    I like using Firefox 3 over any other browser , primiarly because it easy use and the features that it has, providing good security to witch with online scans and such that dont work it's because unlike Internet Explorer witch uses a ActiveX conrtol witch will sometime install the websites...
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    I myself use xfire, have alot of friends on it, and fair few hours clocked up on a nunber of games, feel free to add me, xfire name is : ksf Just put x10 so i know who you are and to accept you
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    flight simulator

    Ive only played a demo of X, seemed very nice, then my pc crashed and died ( old pc ), then i lost it, but i remeber that i had a older version of flight sim , flight sim 95 lol
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    I wouldnt mind seeing revamped amigia games from long time ago, being made into 3D games today would make them very popular. ( Yeah im a oldie.. )
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    Fallout vs. Oblivion

    Personally, both games offering something unique, both live up to their names
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    Trackmainia , NFS Series, dont know any other decent games for racing. Ive Heard of Grid but only heard that was for xbox360 & ps3, might be avaliable for pc.
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    The Hunter

    Sounds like a Interesing game, but heavy on the PC Reqs, even for single player and only being able to have a gun & shoot 1 type of animal seems like they are trying to take funds atm. if its struggling on a 7600 ( i have the same also ) then you need to upgrade also, just doesnt seem like the...
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    Resident Evil 5 Impressions

    Looks Great, Nice Gfx, adds to the others, just have an issue that it seems that you would have to have a mid-high end systsem to run it properly at a decent framerate, meaning alot of people who like the resident evil series ( including myself ) would have to upgrade their systems. Just hope it...
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    CS:S anyone?

    Sounds Interesting , but for me the ping would be to high as im outside of the USA.
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    Diablo III

    I played all the Diablo series, found the 1st one to be the most challenging ( If you dont cheat :P ) and the D2 ( current ) Was awesome at the start but now to be personally is just farmed to death and needs something new in it, D3 looks to be a sweet game, lets just hope by the Graphics that...
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    Hi im the new guy

    Welcome to x10 :)
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    Hi im a noob

    Welcome to x10 also :)
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    Welcome imerialworld! to x10 :)
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    Hey all

    Hello to all x10 forumers!, im not new here, we i suppose i am, i registered here a few years back, but i lost interest in website design and programming due to real-life issues, now that things are good again ( for the moment ), i was wanting to get back into the Web Programming & Design area...
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    php ads not working

    Ive been tesing my new site out today , and then when i finished i finally added the ad codes , only to find out that the php error comes up, heres what it says I replaced my account name with *** for security reasons. So im sure this isnt my problem, the code is there un-altered
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    Waiting for Activation for 2 weeks now :(

    I have been Patiently waitinf 16days now, still havent recieved any emails for x10hosting although i have been frequently active on these forums, even posting, i am now wondering if my account will be ever ready, I have posted only 2 times during the process of the 2 weeks about the status of...
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    Hello :)

    Hello to the x10 Team & its Members. I have had piad hosting before but i ended up using all my Bandwith within 1 week.. yeah its wasnt the Greatest but i had like 10k Hits everyday, i make pretty Extreme Webages and Professional Sites, Im also Know as KSF, But ive had to Use my other Alias...