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    Policy re mp3s when no copyright info is available

    Generally, it is the songwriter who owns the copyright. If the band leader wrote the song, then he owns the copyright. Also, you would have to state that the work is copyrighted to that person and used with permission and others may not make copies (or they may depending on the terms.) The only...
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    New Community Support System

    I think that the user support model is great for free hosting support. I did not understand why free hosting people would be able to submit tickets except for obvious server issues, anyway. As a free member, I would always go to the forums for my questions just because I did not feel entitled to...
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    Server Moves

    Well, if you want more uptime, but less bandwidth (100GB vs unlimited) you should try NUKED - no advertising rivals[LW] I am pretty sure the admins on x10hosting would not mind a few less free accounts. Of course, if you have a lot of traffic, x10hosting is still the best free hosting. LW...
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    VPN does not work and unable to login to x10vpn portal

    I get an error 619 when I try to connect. (win xp). Just to let you know....
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    Is a multi-user application a possibility on free hosting?

    You can try . Works well with multi-user.
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    What to do if the server is not responding

    This has been happening a lot lately..... If the server is not responding, it is possible that your ISP is blocking the connection. The first thing to try is a traceroute from . ( sometimes does not work.) If that works, the server is ping-able. Next, try...
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    Website not responding

    Boru is down. My website is not loading, nor can I log into the cPanel. I already made a ticket.
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    Can't log into admin cp

    It is working now. Magic.
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    Can't log into admin cp

    I have the same problem. Cleared cookies and cache. After login, the page is blank. Goes to as a blank page whether or not I put proper account and password. I would make a support ticket, but I need to log in first.
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    I am introducing myself to the forum. I have a web page at and I am just starting out. I already have a real old page at that used to be hosted at Netscape.
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    My forum name

    That worked. Thanks.
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    My forum name

    My forum name has some personal info. I want to change jdelinck30 to dadinck30. If the account name has to be different than the forum name, make it dinkdude -please?