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    Trouble installing Drupal with Softaculous

    I know drupal and had worked hard to create a great looking site. Hand-picked modules/ themes. But after the recent x10 updates ( which were "supposed" to make things better by adding feature like softaculous ) my site is broken. After months of trying to fix it and get my account to...
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    Trouble installing Drupal with Softaculous

    I am unable to install Drupal with Softaculous. After filling up the details in the install page i get this error : Any insights ?
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    How do i get a wordpress blog?

    You can use Fantastico to set up a Wordpress blog . it's easy, just follow the instructions. Alternatively, u can get a blog at and redirect a link to that blog. the former is preferable
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    Dupal Upgrade using Fantastico

    Fantastico did detect an upgrade , there was some delay though. After the update i lost all my modules and themes ... any easier way ?
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    Open source applications

    Besides, ( the best ) there are many more ... ( for *nix)
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    Email and MX Records

    well. if u are using MX records and have set them up right then all the mails be handled by google apps. in that case exceeding the bandwidth shouldn't be a problem.
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    how to found in google

    Yeah , all these work great . I just wanted to add that .... Webmaster Tools show how Google indexes your site and the content it sees , Analytics is more of statistics about the visitors, location and stuff like that . Plus you can subscribe reports etc. Awstats is worth using as it doesn't...
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    how do I get a fixed background?

    Well, you can choose a wide background image and add scroll top to background like : background: url(bg.jpg) no-repeat scroll top ; This will set the image to top and there will be no scroll bars.
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    Dreamweaver remote Mysql

    Yeah , right , XAMPP works good. Moreover, u can sync your site with dreamweaver using the webdisk a/c too. As far as mysql is concerned, u can export the database to a .sql file using PHPMyadmin and upload it ( unless it is too big.)
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    Dupal Upgrade using Fantastico

    Re: Drupal Upgrade using Fantastico Thanks for comments. Mine is not a production site , just for learning. However, I still didn't get an answer, will i be able to upgrade Drupal through Fantastico or any other easier way w/o uploading updates from my computer?
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    Need an Email App...

    Well , I have tried Google Apps and it helped me in the followinh ways , maybe it works for u too .. 1. Lets u use ur own domain and many google services like Docs, Sites, Calendar, Chat etc.. 2. upload multiple email id , that is , easy user id creation . 3. u can add CNAME records to let you...
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    Dupal Upgrade using Fantastico

    hi, I have set up a site using Drupal 6.9 . the thing is that Drupal secuity releases are quite frequent. so, i am looking for a way to upgrade these using fantastico as donwloading the upgrade packages and then uploading them to x10 is a little troublesome. kindly help . PS: Fantastico...
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    Unable to access account panel

    no help yet. Its been a long time and no reply . Please tell me what is to be done ?
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    Unable to access account panel

    my cpanel username is a9om Edit: The suspension page says ,the account no longer exists. How do i know whether its terminated ? What are the options thereafter ?
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    Unable to access account panel

    I am unable to access my account panel, upon login a Link Account page is shown which doesn't accept my cPanel username. Mine is an ad-free account which is no longer be accessible too. Kindly look into the matter and help.