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    How do I make my main page a CSS file.

    Can you post your code sample?
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    php mail()

    I've had a similar problem in the past. Here's a sample code if it's helpful;
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    PHP mail() Not Sending Email

    Thanks descalzo. I tried your example and it worked. So, I merely cleaned up my code (from above) especially of the `headers` and it now worked. But of course, it worked the original way as well so I'm wondering if x10 has incorporated some extra security regarding the PHP mail() function...
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    PHP mail() Not Sending Email

    Checked and verified. Files already have been set to 644. Any other ideas?...
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    PHP mail() Not Sending Email

    I have a PHP script that uses the mail() function and now is getting the following error: 500 Error An internal server error has occurred. Please try your request again momentarily. •File or directory permissions are set too high: Files should be 0644, directories 0755. •Problem with your...
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    Logging in via cPanel

    Just tried it again. Still an issue (see also; Can anyone provide direction on a solution or what's going on? Thanks...
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    Logging in via cPanel

    The commercial that comes up before getting to the security code is a nuisance and annoying. But I've tried to log in to both my email account ( or cPanel ( directly with the security code including refreshing it to...
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    SMTP/110 Error

    The way I'm sending email is via the web browser from; It then comes up with "Read mail with Squirrelmail" link. I click on the link and my emails comes up. So I'm able to receive emails. When I reply or compose a new email...
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    SMTP/110 Error

    I've searched the forum for SMTP/110 Error but not able to find a resolution. I created a local, email account under my domain and has been working great for the past year or so. But lately, the past week, I'm able to still receive emails - but cannot send. The error I'm getting is; Message...
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    cgi-sys/guestbook.cgi ?

    It appears x10 provides a "guestbook.html" web page for a "guestbook". It is processed by a 'cgi' script with the path; /cgi-sys/guestbook.cgi. I cannot find this "cgi-sys" folder and assume it is only controlled by x10 admins. My question is; does anyone know how/where to edit and remove...
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    WIN 7 Starter - Suggestions/Comments/Ideas?

    I've purchased a netbook a while back and at first I regretted it. Couldn't change my desktop without a online hack program, can't "extend" my old monitor as this feature is disabled in starter and IIS feature isn't available. To use my netbook as a local "web server" I had to install a HTTP web...
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    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I primarily like to use it for php/mySQL to provide myself with such experiences. Thanks x10 for such feature-rich experiences.
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    cgi-bin/cgiemail Permissions

    Okay, I'll make a note to myself so I won't keep bringing this up :tongue:. Thanks...
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    cgi-bin/cgiemail Permissions

    The cgiemail script keeps failing. I've had past tickets/posts regarding this but seems the issue keeps reoccurring. I think x10 had to reload my website from backups including permissions to fix it but the replies in the posts do not say what was done or why it happened. Again, I'm getting this...
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    What Programming Language should I learn?

    Yeah Doan; lots of examples and choices isn't there ;-). It was only touched on once but if you absolutely have no programming experience, you could dabble with JavaScript for small, basic web application/web pages. It's a subset of Java and loosely based on C/C++. At least much of the syntax is...
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    What does it take?

    Howdy Mr. Klyne, It's too bad you ask for ideas and questions but don't get a straight answer. I noticed this a lot in these forums. It does sound like you got a few ideas and appears you are or were a business owner. Maybe I can provide some positive ideas. I'm a web programmer and have done a...
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    Proper Help - Please

    Thank you Skizzerz. I just don't know why the others didn't give me a straight answer with reference websites just as you did. It was clear, concise and helpful. In five minutes I was able to log on via FTP and my cPanel. I just didn't know I had to reset my password via
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    Proper Help - Please

    I STILL CANNOT log into my cPanel and even have issues with my FTP trying to login to update my website as well. I'm getting responses to my trouble tickets but they have been inadequate. Folks, I cannot login and I cannot change my password if I cannot login. Please carefully review...
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    I tried FTP using FileZilla today and could not log in. No error messages appears. It's been several weeks and still cannot use FTP client s/w to access my web files (ie; FileZilla or WS_FTPLite). I tried logging onto my cPanel but will not let me ( ?). Only says that...
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    Cannot Login to cPanel

    Hi folks. I'm sure you all may be busy with all of the problems with cPanel issues and server migrations but just want to let you know that I have not been able to log onto my cPanel account nor my local email account under my domain ( for over a week. Since I'm on a free...