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    Prime membership

    :( It seems like a bad deal for me then. Please consider if possible as i am a long term member.
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    Prime membership

    Prime membership doubles every thing rite? I currently have 3 addon, 3 Parked , 3 sub domains, 5 Email & 3 mysql db. These would be doubled rite? or something else?
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    Request to increase Addon Domain Limit

    Thank you
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    Request to increase Addon Domain Limit

    Thanks for the heads up. I am considering Illuminated & Premium Plan. If I opt for Illuminated now and later upgrade to Premium would i get a discount?
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    Request to increase Addon Domain Limit

    Hi I am Long time user of x10hosting. I would like to request to increase my Addon Domain by 2. Admin please check if possible. My disk and bandwidth usage are very minimal. Ty
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    Status on mail issue

    Any updates?
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    Extra Sub Domains

    Is it possible to have 5 my sub-domains added to my account?? Thank You
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    Ur joining very Late!!!
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    Remote Mysql

    I would like to access my MySQL tables remotely. this is the cmd i type in terminal mysql -h -u username -p But it does not work. Should i change any setting at ?? Any suggestions??
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    Dupal Upgrade using Fantastico