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    Hanlon Web Design

    I like the layout ... it's simple yet elegant. But you're going to need a "hook" for your customers ... I think someone was eluding to this when they said it doesn't "stand out". I'm pretty sure you've probably worked on it quite a bit since those last posted drafts ... but a few ways to...
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    Left 4 Dead

    "What are you trying to prove".... is torture... Anyone beat all 4 levels on expert yet? If so ... you're awesome
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    Favorite Old School Games

    Definitely classic NES titles like Earthbound, SuperMario, Contra, IceClimbers, MULE, BaseWars
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    Left 4 Dead

    Yea it's really cool.... definitely one of THE best Co-op games I've ever played. I've seen some pretty nice team-work games. Unreal Tournament is definitely one of the best when it comes to team work; but Left 4 Dead is in a leage of its own. I've played the same levels many times and...
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    Everybodies Occupations

    Im currently searching for a job! :( Hard to find designer positions now-a-days!
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    Look For Graphic Help For My RPG

    Will this be a 3D or 2D game? Send me a PM or make a post of what exactly you're looking for... Illustrators, 3D modellers, coders etc. Sounds interesting and I'd be willing to help where I can
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    Far Cry 2

    Erik is right about this... its a common misconception that Far Cry 2 is still running on the Crytek engine - but it's not Dunia has been rebuilt from the ground up to support elements such as fire propagation and dynamic environmental effects - it also has tons of other bells and whistles...
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    Far Cry 2

    For those who're anticipating the upcoming sequel of Far Cry please post your thoughts, opinions, likes-dislikes, questions, comments and general feedback about this game here. I'm currently a part of a community that's greatly involved in the Far Cry saga, and have been awaiting Far Cry 2's...
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    Corey Got married!!

    Congrats, all the best and good luck! :cool: