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    suspension?how does it work?

    Hello, From our suspension reports, it shows that your account was suspended only on the 25th of April. It shouldn't be suspended again unless you fail to login for a complete month since the last login.
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    Please Create My Hosting Account?

    Hello, Your account has already been created and you should have received the mail with the account details. And I don't see any need for caps lock.
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    Receiving E-Mail With Updates

    We did send out a newsletter containing information about the transfers going on some days back. You should have received it, if you've subscribed for it.
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    problem to link forum to hosting account

    Hello, Please login to your account management panels using your cPanel details and then link your hosting accounts from there. You will see a notification about needing to link your respective accounts.
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    Hello, There is no way to reset an account other than terminating and then recreating it. Do you want to proceed with this step ? if so, we will terminate your account.
  6. GamingX

    Add-on Domain

    You will first need to remove the domain from Subdomains before you can add it in the addon domains.
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    Nothing on my website loads

    You should be able to signup for a new account as the signups are not on hold.
  8. GamingX

    3 days have passed and still same problem!

    Hello, Your account has been terminated and you should be able to signup for a new account.
  9. GamingX

    Delete My account please

    Hosting account has been terminated.
  10. GamingX

    Add-on Domain

    Hello, Can you try adding the domain now ?
  11. GamingX

    Can't access cPanel or Account Panel

    Hello, Please check this thread for a reply
  12. GamingX

    I can't add new domain to my free hosting account.

    Hello, Can you try parking the domain now ? It should work.
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    Nothing on my website loads

    Hello, I'm sorry but during the transfers that took place on Chopin a few weeks ago, we experienced a bug with cPanel which resulted in lots of accounts not being transferred over. Unfortunately the bug was discovered only after the server had been take offline. Due to this we lost all your...
  15. GamingX

    3 days have passed and still same problem!

    Hello, There was a problem creating your account due to which it wasn't created properly. The only way to fix this is to terminate the present account and then you will need to resignup for a new account. Do you want us to proceed with the termination ?
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    uploading web template

    @kmehd2: Please create your own thread.
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    Can't Log into Account Panel/Account Disabled/Can't login to cPanel

    Your account has been suspended for having hacking tools. This is a serious offence and we will have no choice other than keep the account suspended.
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    Email Accounts can't be deleted..

    Hello, The mail accounts should be removed now.
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    Hello, Your hosting account is no longer suspended.
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    Cannot access site or cpanel for

    Hello, I'm sorry but your account and data was lost during the server transfer a few weeks back due to a certain bug with cPanel which resulted in the data not being moved over. Unfortunately the bug was discovered only later, when the server itself was taken offline. However we may have your...