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    Best Web Browser ?

    I prefer firefox over Chrome. Can't give you an exact reason why I like it over chrome but I just like it.
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    What are your favorite editors for development? (I.D.E.'s etc)

    for Java, NetBeans for Android Devleopment, Android Studio for C# and Windows App Development, Visual Studio Community 2015 for PHP (when doing a project), PHPStorm When Just editing random files, Sublime Text
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    Came back after a long time and its shocking for me

    They have stopped offering hosting account to Indians and many more country citizens from last few years. It was because of the heavy amount of abuse of service that x10hosting was getting from these countries and also there was low rate of conversion from free hosting to paid hosting. I am too...
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    Just testing that if I post something where it goes.

    Just testing that if I post something where it goes.
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    How many have upgraded to Windows 10 ?

    I have upgraded to windows 10. And please don't revert to windows 7 as poor UWP developers can only make a living if more and more people can stay with Windows 10 :P
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    So you think you know CSS and html and javascript?

    Since I only code for my own projects I feel comfortable as long as I know what I need to google.
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    Do u support payment via skrill or western union money transfer

    Hello George, I too once asked them question this question about supporting skrill when I had difficulty in paying for my vps because of heavy limitation on Indian Paypal accounts. I am not sure whether they support skrill now or not but when I asked them this question about a year ago they said...
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    Why did you choose x10

    because I didn't have any other option :D
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    Unable To Login My Account

    I've seen a issue with cPanel login. Sometimes when I copy paste username/password in cPanel login fields, it insert a blank space after the username or password. And that gives wrong username/password error. I am not sure whether you are manually typing the password and username or doing a copy...
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    Unable To Login My Account

    Have you tried this link ? I got that link from your screenshot.
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    Being young vs being old

    I'm 23 and I enjoy my life. But there is another thing that I enjoy. I enjoy to visit user's website by following the links in their signature when I find an old thread such as this one. It's interesting to see how people give up on their websites so easily. :D
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    Help with .htaccess rules

    I have no idea about it. I looked at the script for the first time in my life and I took less than 2 minutes to make that modification after installing that script. I haven't done a thorough study of that script code or it's API. So I'm not sure how this modification will affect other parts of...
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    Website Redirecting?

    It's not redirecting for me. Try clear your browser cache and also flush your dns. To flush your dns, open up your command prompt and type "ipconfig/flushdns" and hit enter. (i assumed you are using windows OS).
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    what type microsoft, linux or solaris

    It's a Virtual Private Server. You'll get a "virtual machine" and you can install anything that you want to install (if it is installable at all). check here for more information
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    Help with .htaccess rules

    I have installed esoTalk on my local machine and changed the core file for you. It's seems to be working for me Steps: 1. Go to your installation_folder/core/models 2. Open file "ETMemberModel.class.php" in a texteditor 3. Find this line if (!filter_var($email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) return...
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    Help with .htaccess rules

    I have a same kind of functionality on my website where I only allow emails from well known email providers like GMail, Outlook, Yahoo etc. You can do that with PHP. Just split the email into an array of words separated by '@' and check the last index of the array to find the domain of email...
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    Y'all remember me?

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    Help with using my own domain

    Log into your GoDaddy account. At the top of the page, hover over the Hi, Customer (your name) drop-down menu and click Visit My Account. In the Products tab, next to Domains click the + (plus) icon. Click Launch next to the domain you wish to manage. Edit: If you have not bought your domain...
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    403 Error with videos

    sounds like a permission issue. can you check all your directories and file permissions?
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    Webpage Not Available

    read this: and if it doesn't solve your problem then maybe it's because of your firewall settings.