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    Auction for CSS Template.

    This is an Auction for the website template below. What you will receive- Banner with your Organization name (same banner different text- Optional) Up to 8 links and 8 pages (any additional pages must be done by you which is simple) Nav bar background for links changes color when you...
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    Advanced Ads are down.

    I have the code for advanced ads on my test account to make sure my ads work before putting it up on x10, which is on a comcast server and they don't work. The ads used to work the other day before I uploaded my site to x10 but now they don't. In the ads FAQ thread you can see that the...
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    Vacation Settings

    Hmm this may seem somewhat idiotic but here's a suggestion. Let's say I go on vacation, and I do not want my x10 account to be suspended. There should be a feature that allows me to "lock" my account. When it is locked nobody can access any of the pages without the account being unlocked...
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    Selling Template (for points)

    Who ever offers the most for it by midnight October 6 can have the PSD, I can slice it for you but you will have to specify the name for the link and the link location. You can also request another color, but it will cost you a little more. I didn't put a price because this is my first time...
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    The Patriot Act

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    Apple Ipod Nano screen defects blamed on obese americans...

    When i First heard this I thought it was a lie, untill i clicked This.
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    Google Total

    Check this out, it is google simplfiyed into two drop down menus, 27 services in total. Can shave milliseconds of your surfing time!
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    Out of ideas with photoshop?

    I have been using photoshop for about 9 months now and I am still a beginner to PS, alot of sigs i see here are mono which look good for sigs but when a whole site becomes mono it is boreing. Look at these tutorials they really help i am checking them out right now they really help...
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    My website

    Check out my website, it is still under construction so some links may not work simple template that i made.