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    Connection Timeout Errors

    I'm getting Error: Connection timed out in FTP at the moment. URL: Server: lotus. why is this happening? I cant even get a directory listing in FTP. the site is taking forever to load in a browser as well.
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    cannot connect to MySQL database

    Site url: Pretty sure it's on lotus. site has been unavailable for the last couple of hours, maybe more. I've been getting internal 500 errors, 404s and sql connection errors, as well as fatal errors. Nothing has been posted since feb26 on the status page. Where's my...
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    Hosting reliability and speed

    I have had issues with my DB being lost and unrecoverable as well as numerous times the hosting being unavailable since trying out the free service.
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    Unable to connect to SQL

    Warning: mysqli_connect() [function.mysqli-connect]: (28000/1045): Access denied for user 'cyzlak_admin'@'' (using password: YES) in /home/cyzlak/public_html/common/includes/class.db.mysqli.php on line 21 Unable to connect to mysql database. My site was working fine earlier...
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    resident evil ,who play it?

    yea bra im playin RE5 now itz fully sik ey luv it bra keep it real
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    Down Time

    thanks for the link, its almost like they hide service issues as that link isnt displayed anywhere obvious in the accounts pages or cpanel, unless im blind.
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    Down Time

    so thats yes its running 100% but the hard disks are still broken.....!? :dunno: so i cant fix it at all and still have to twiddle my thumbs and wait?
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    Down Time

    Is lotus really back up and running 100%? My website still wont load. I get this error browser error message: -- The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. * This problem can...
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    I only hope lotus breaking isn't a common occurence. This is twice in 2 days now.
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    Yeah I'm getting a weird database error right now: Warning: mysqli_connect() [function.mysqli-connect]: (08004/1040): Too many connections in /home/cyzlak/public_html/common/includes/class.db.mysqli.php on line 21 no idea...
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    What happen to the server

    I don't know about bytehost, but I used to be with GoDaddy (google it) for another project of mine and their service was great. Extremely fast servers and great support/uptime.
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    What happen to the server

    Yeah all green lights on Lotus, but the server still times out... any minute now hopefully :drool:
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    Favorite Webcomics

    Penny Arcade and 8bit theatre
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    No more time

    Now that winter is over (here in Adelaide, Australia) ... Time to PLAY CRICKET! :laugh:
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    What happen to the server

    The god damn ANY KEY!!!! NOW!!!!! :hahano:
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    What happen to the server

    Last post in this thread around an hour ago explains that Lotus locked up, was rebooted, failed to come back online after a reboot and is now stuck doing a FSCK (File System Check) I'd assume an entire file system check of the hard drive would take an incredibly long time, so no guesses to how...
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    What happen to the server

    I submitted an emergency ticket immediately when I noticed the lack of service from x10's hosting. I am on Lotus too (obviously) and love the service, when it works. Previously I have experienced incredibly slow performance and now the website has been unreachable for around 5-6 hours now. I...