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    Google Adsense

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    require domain name

    free powerfull at geoogle seo
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    Flushing your DNS

    Thanks about apply DNS Flush
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    Free Software Suggestions

    Antivirus : ARTAV ANTIVIRUS Free antivirus for non-commercial from Indonesia
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    The x10 community rating/credit system explained

    I insufficiently notice previously, hopefully actively at this forum more and more knowledge about IT
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    i want a website design

    You can get free CMS (Wordpres or Joomla, etc...) you learn tutorial about it. Try by error is good experiance....
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    How to active mod_rewrite apache for SEO

    Thanks before, i want to know how to active mod_rewrite apache for SEO my joomla website di I hope you can explane to change it and .htaccess change. I am newbie for your help. Best Regard Boy Iskak
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    Error 500 server

    my domain at this server install CMS Joomla and Virtuemart, i want that site have backlink and secure, i try to install extension com_sh404sef in joomla and i rename file htaccess.txt to .htaccess. So i want to go to administrator,...but a get an error 500. I want to...
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    How can i find in google search my site?

    I have problem similar, my website redirect If i write tanggulangin google answer no record, but i write tanggulangin leather, google have ranking 6 in search engine.... but i want rangking in "tanggulangin". How to get ranking 1st di google... thanks