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    Resolved FTP and Cpanel wont login...

    My files on the sit went missing last year, but the account was still active.. I've ben distracted/busy to re-upload files.. Now that I have thee time, for some reason the FTP wont login, it's giving a 530 error after saying login name is correct and then trying password, which is the same...
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    Inactivity Timer renewal?

    i just got an email that i need to renew my inactivity timer subscription, but i cant find a link to it on the purchase page. will i automaticly get a bill for it, or do i have to order the "prime membership" now?
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    site not loading...

    my site isnt loading, same for it's subdomain. i have it as an addon domain to my site. i have another addon domain called, and it is working correctly. but for some reason the keeps going to a cpanel error page.
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    Account inactivity?

    i just recieved a message about my account being inactive for too long. but i thought i purchsed an upgrade so my account wouldnt go inactive?
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    i got paid with donkeymails

    I've been paid multiple times with donkey mails. it's a great site and if you like PTC or PTR, i highly advise it's use.
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    Email Issues on my sites

    I'm having problems with setting up emails on your server. for some reason it's not recognizing any of my domains for me to setup emails. can this be fixed?