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    SMF ssi help needed

    im using the banner mod for SMF i have a banner set for top of the page and its working i also have one set for ssi only and its not showing up at all :noexpress can anyone help me figure out how to fix this, because its the x10 hosting ad and if i cant show it ill get my hosting taken...
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    help phpbb add templates and themes

    ive been trying to add tempates to my phpbb forum i figured out to upload the files into the template folder and i did so in the same manner as Subsilver which was already there but then i had to create a theme to go with it i noticed that the subsilver theme was just subsilver, running the...
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    cannot figure out how to login

    i realize that i am an idiot for this.... but please forgive me i just recieved my account information for free hosting but i cannot figure out how to log in to that website and edit my webpage can someone just tell me how to login to edit my webpage please