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  1. Anna

    Can't reset password

    You will need to enter the details of the forum account you use to post here (ie username and password), on that page during signup. That is what it is asking you to do.
  2. Anna

    Please Help - I need Admin | I can't Login

    Please try now, there was an issue with the backend to associate the accounts properly.
  3. Anna

    Access to the plugin FileManager is blocked wordpress

    With free hosting there are some limitations which means it may be entirely possible that the plugin is not compatible with the free hosting environment. Imunify will not be removed, it is part of free hosting to ensure safety. I'll attempt with this file organizer plugin om my test account...
  4. Anna

    Unable to access DirectAdmin or files in Wordpress FileOrganizer

    With free hosting there are some limitations which means it may be entirely possible that the plugin is not compatible with the free hosting environment. I'll attempt with this file organizer plugin om my test account, but I promise nothing and it may take a few days before I get a chance to...
  5. Anna

    Access FPT

    Your IP was blocked for "Failed SSH login" Do note that SSH is not available with free hosting, this will include SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), you will need to use regular FTP on port 21.
  6. Anna

    FTP details for subdomain

    The username will be exactly as noted in your FTP management, with the password you set for it.
  7. Anna

    Wordpress install

    it is all up to you, if you want it on the domain root, you leave it blank, if you want it in a subfolder, you put a subfolder in.
  8. Anna

    The mailbox is normal and cannot send emails

    What am I looking at? Could you please translate the non English chars for me? Do note that the outgoing email server does have spam check enabled, so if the messages is just a one word message, they may get caught. Is there an error message saying they are not sent, or are you just not seeing...
  9. Anna

    Unable to Open Newly created WordPress Site -

    Works fine my and at this time. Do you still have a problem with this? Do note that when adding a new domain, or changing its DNS settings, it can in worst case take up to 72 hours to be fully functional all over the Internet.
  10. Anna

    I can´t access to x10hosting Discord forum

    I have replied on that thread, I'm not familiar with that script however.
  11. Anna

    Website default shows only "Apache is functioning normally"

    Works fine for non https. You will need to: 1) go to "Domain Setup" in DirectAdmin and enable SSL for your domain. 2) go to "SSL Certificates" in DirectAdmin and setup a proper certificate for your domain, it is currently using the server cert which is not valid for your domain. Chose the...
  12. Anna

    Forms using Form 7 in Wordpress aren´t being sending.

    I'm not familiar with that plugin. Is the email address configured as the from address one that exists in your hosting account? If not, make sure it is. Seeing the variables that you can configure, and how they are configured, might make it easier for someone to assist (obviously without showing...
  13. Anna

    I can´t access to x10hosting Discord forum

    Discord is a third party service, you'd have to contact them for support in this case as we have no way to assist you in verifying your account with them (you do need a discord account to access the discord server). You don't have to use Discord if you don't want to, it is just another way to...
  14. Anna

    Trying to get FTP to work using Filezilla

    If you ordered x10premium and it is not provisioned within an hour, you would need to open a ticket within the premium clients area. You should in any case always start your own thread (though if you have indeed ordered premium, this forum will be of little help)
  15. Anna

    error in accessing hosting control panel

    Please try now, appears the system was confused, it created the service with one username but indicated another in the backend, likely caused by an initial provision fail but the backend had already saved information on your account and didn't overwrite this when a subsequent attempt succeeded...
  16. Anna

    Trying to get FTP to work using Filezilla

    When you create an ftp user, you will need to use the full username, including @Domain part when connecting to the ftp server.
  17. Anna

    Disk Space

    in the folder chat_stories/system, you have an error_log file that is over 350mb, this is a file that indicates something is not working right, but it is safe to delete it. You should however investigate what causes it to run high, because as long as that is the majority of diskspace usage you...
  18. Anna

    site offline

    I have unblocked your IP again, once again it was failed Imap logins, and it will undoubtedly block you again if you are not able to rectify it quickly as most clients do automatic re-checks periodically.
  19. Anna

    Delete emails to reduce inodes

    I did check the Inode usage for your account, moodle is using most of it: So deleting email will not do it in your case, downloading the moodle_old and deleting from server will however do it. You would likely not be able to compress it first, as 1. you're currently over Inode count, and 2...
  20. Anna

    Delete emails to reduce inodes

    If the user have a lot of emails on the server, it would impact Inode count: one email = one file on the server, and one file = one Inode. I often put in emails as an example as it is something most are not aware being stored as files on the server. The only safe way to delete is to use the...