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    Free Domain(Read This)

    Get yourself a gift card type credit card at Walmart. If you have access to Walmart, some folks don't. Or see if a friend or family will do it, good luck with that one.
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    Free Domain(Read This)

    Thank you very much Corey.
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    Corey Got married!!

    Congratulations Corey and Kelly, Best of luck to you both.
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    Better than google adsense

    I use adsence, takes a long time to get enough to cash out unless you have alot of traffic. I tried using mixed palletes for some of my ads, it improved the amount of clicks. I also am trying (not an affilliate link), not too impressed so far. @teclanka Don't make enemies
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    text breaking out of page

    The link (with a period instead of a comma) goes to a 404 page. Never mind
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    Great FREE way to advertise!

    If everyone says they will try it when traffic picks up, traffic will never pick up, lol. I am going to give it a try. I'll have to make a new logo first.
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    Want to swap links

    Link Partners sounds fine to me.
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    Sohail's Link Exchange

    Hate when that happens, I didn't think it was on purpose, hope you didn't lose any thing important. A few months ago I had been hacked on my paid hosting and they deleted the tables on 3 dbases, put up their "tag" in place of my index page and sent spam to quite a few blogs and forums...
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    Sohail's Link Exchange

    @Sohail Why has my username and posts been deleted? I just went to your site to talk and make a couple more posts and it says "You have specified an incorrect username. Please check your username and try again." And my posts are gone. Let me know why. Tom
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    Want to swap links

    You don't have to, but, links that go both ways work better than one way links. If you do give me a link back, I will make your site a featured site on my link directory. If you have a banner, I will add that to you link directory listing. Let me know. Tom
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    Sohail's Link Exchange

    Hi Sohail, I registered and made a couple of posts. Nice forum.
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    Want to swap links

    Hi, I have a link directory needing more links, if you would like to add yours. Give me a link back and I will make you a featured site. :biggrin: Link directory EDIT: Mods, Sorry, I didn't notice the date (old post), however, the sites are still active. Let me know if that is a problem...
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    Very nice job. However, is there a way to make the left side menu "show"/"not show"? Reason being is alot of folks don't have a 24" monitor, I am on a 17" and I have to scroll to the right every page now. Or is there an option in here to adjust the size? I know your still working on it...
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    Link exchange anyone?

    @Anthony, The link for doesn't work. It has 2 adresses together.
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    Link exchange anyone?

    There is no website at that address, It would appear that they are gone. If anyone is interested you can enter your links in my link directory.
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    Video Games Cause Violence?

    When I was a kid growing up, there was no video games to play. Not like they are now. "pong" certainly didn't make people violent, suicidal maybe. I was somewhat violent growing up. I blame alot of it on hanging out with the wrong crowd (they didn't play video games either) or perhaps my parents...
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    Credits for review | the new sb

    Hi Scott. I don't mean to be the downer here, but I don't see what all the hubbub is about. I am viewing in Opera. I don't see anything exciting that everyone is talking about. I see a web page with a block in the center with links to your sites. Sorry, I am not looking for credits, you don't...
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    50 credits each for first three persons

    I was going to at least check the site out but, There is no website at that address.
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    Best hard disk drive

    Which hard drive manufacturer do you like and trust the most? Maxtor Western Digital Seagate Other brand
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    Link directory

    Link directory with SEO friendly URLs Click here Back link not required, but would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. .