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  1. Mr. DOS


    1989 days, 14 hours, 54 minutes. See you all in mid-2025. Unless this is reason enough for a moderator to lock the thread and scold me for being stupid ;) (FWIW, I have never set a calendar reminder for this thread. Every six months or so I remember it, laugh, and recalculate.)
  2. Mr. DOS


    970 days, 8 hours, 34 minutes. I win more.
  3. Mr. DOS

    Minecraft server on D3 VPS?

    Anyone have any experience running a Minecraft server on the D3 package? While 768MB RAM looks to be plenty, I'm curious as to how well everything runs with a 600MHz CPU cap – or is that not a cap but a dedicated rate that can, given low load from the other users on the server, burst up to...
  4. Mr. DOS

    Can't Resolve Domains

    I don't know what the default CentOS resolv.conf contains, but I use and They're fast, they're correct, and as they're provided by Google, they have good uptime (as good or better than that of the VPS). I also have at the end of the file so that I don't have to wait...
  5. Mr. DOS

    Moving all my current data to VPS

    You can install any service you'd like onto your VPS, including web servers (Apache, lighttpd, nginx, etc.) and FTP servers (proftpd, vsftpd, etc.). The only limitations imposed upon those services are the overall CPU and memory use quotas held against your VPS as a whole, along with any...
  6. Mr. DOS

    Free VPS Trial

    I prefer trials to be exactly the same as paid solutions, but time-limited. That way, I know exactly what I'm going to get if I do pay for it, and not end up thinking I'll get something I won't (or vice versa). I do understand that some people will want to spend their limited time playing with...
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    426 days, 23 hours, and 36 minutes. I win.
  8. Mr. DOS

    webmin problem

    If Webmin encounters an error during its startup process, it should log an error somewhere. Try running /etc/init.d/webmin start, then look at the end of /var/log/messages for related errors. Webmin may also log errors in some other file in /var/logs/; see if there's anything with the Webmin...
  9. Mr. DOS

    Debian + Apache 2.2 + FastCGI + PHP 5 + suEXEC the easy way

    I think FastCGI is probably the wrong way to tackle your problem. Because of the way FastCGI works, it'll spawn a pool of PHP processes for each user, and maintain them. This means you've either got to have enough memory to have at least one process for each user (which, with even a few dozen...
  10. Mr. DOS

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Just Cause 2, I think, back during the Christmas Steam sales. Wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but it was $7.50, and I've got to admit to having gotten far more than $7.50 worth of enjoyment out of my 25+ hours of play in it so far. Kinda frustrating in a few ways, but largely enjoyable.
  11. Mr. DOS

    Debian + Apache 2.2 + FastCGI + PHP 5 + suEXEC the easy way

    Preamble There are literally hundreds of tutorials and howtos to be found on the web that purport to walk the budding sysadmin through configuring a web server in the best way possible. Many of these extol the benefits of running PHP through CGI under suEXEC or adding suPHP to the mix so PHP...
  12. Mr. DOS

    QEMU/VirtualBox inside the OpenVZ VM?

    My app is IE7 ;) I've got a Windows Server 2003 instance successfully installed in QEMU. It's a little sluggish with only 128MB RAM, but at least it runs. Next step is to get networking functional.
  13. Mr. DOS

    QEMU/VirtualBox inside the OpenVZ VM?

    You, sir, have effectively just issued me a challenge. I will report back! ;)
  14. Mr. DOS

    QEMU/VirtualBox inside the OpenVZ VM?

    I'd like to run a Windows ShotFactory on my Debian VPS, and before I got started with it, I just wanted to pop in here and ask if anyone else has previously run a virtual machine inside their VPS and has advice, and also to double-check that it's an OK thing to do on x10.
  15. Mr. DOS

    Account Availability

    Also, ~99% of account closures are due to failure to comply with the ToS, which more often happens due to not having read the ToS than just having forgotten one of the finer points. In a case like that, there's little motivation for either the community or staff members dealing with account...
  16. Mr. DOS

    Forged Email Headers

    I think is probably relevant to you.
  17. Mr. DOS

    Average VPS internet speed?

    AFAIK, individual VPS instances are guaranteed 10Mb access, and, providing nobody else is utilizing the connection, can get up to 100Mb. This may very well be because the server you downloaded from had a slower Internet connection than the VPS. --- Mr. DOS
  18. Mr. DOS

    How much of your GMail space are you using?

    At the moment, 2%. I'm just in the middle of moving all my mail to IMAP, and I'm only about half-way there, but I'm using 191MB. --- Mr. DOS
  19. Mr. DOS

    Wanna use Windows 3.1 again?

    You kids. The first computer in my house was an XT clone running MS-DOS 5.02 ;) Windows 3.1(1) is actually decent if you can feed it enough RAM. While it could be quite unstable and was almost always slow on 486's, it actually runs incredibly well on a high-end Pentium I with 64MB RAM. Also, if...
  20. Mr. DOS

    ROLL_OVER or CLICK - your opinion wanted!

    The rollover is better, but both menus take far too long to start up. Get rid of the animation and have the items appear as soon as the menu is loaded. If you must, give the items a half-second fade-in animation. --- Mr. DOS