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    Migrating paid hosting

    I want to transfer to paid hosting using the same domain name that I use on my free account. When I sign up for the paid hosting, will that not create a conflict with my current free hosting domain name.
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    cpanel login failed

    I think I changed my password and or my email address on cpanel but none of my email addresses are working when I try to request the password be sent to me.
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    Banning Mass Mail Scripts

    Leave it to people to abuse a free service.
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    What CMS do you suggest?

    I have been using drupal and xoops for a while now, about a year. I tried joomla but found it difficult to find free themes that I liked. I actually prefer the elegant look of joomla but I have found drupal documentation and support forums to be very good. I also chose xoops because of it light...
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    account panel userfriendlyness

    I am always one to opt for performance over presentation. Personally I don't see an issue with the way it is but by all means make it better if at all possible.
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    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    I say BETTER up time is good for me. Just give me ftp access and phpmyadmin and I am good to go.
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    Lotus - Please Restore MYSQL database

    I am really sorry your webpages are not coming up but to be honest with ya you gotta backup your stuff and have a development site locally on your own system. If your data is not backed up in at least three places, you have no data at all. If you need help backing up your stuff I can give you a...
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    Um help?

    I don't think x10hosting warrants the bad response. If you are getting stuff for free you should do your own research, and if you have money you should do your own research. I am sorry this guy had a bad experience but mine has been great and inspite of the downs I am enjoying the freedom of...
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    Hi Guys thanks for restoring my site. Really appreciate all the effort that goes into providing this service. For you guys having difficulty, if you go to the home page and use the members login there you will find the link to your c-pannel. The old c-pannel is not working...
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    How are ya? Welcome to x10hosting. This is one of the best hosting sites I have come across. Its...

    How are ya? Welcome to x10hosting. This is one of the best hosting sites I have come across. Its easy to use and I have had no issues so far. Hope you find it as much fun as I have.
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    Happy bithday!!

    Happy bithday!!
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    Happy birthday!!

    Happy birthday!!
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    How to use Gmail as your SMTP server

    Thanks for the info. I didn't that you can do this. You can also try out using xoops as well, that works too.
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    What is the best CMS?

    Hi, Im new to this thing but I have been using xoops aswell as drupal both of which I chose because it was easy to find themes and modules for whatever I needed. I just need help with connecting to databases and css.
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    N00b to Website making

    hey buddy Im new too and yes joomla is a great content management system. There are lots to choose from out there. I tried joomla, drupal and xoops. I like xoops so far and they are all quite easy to setup and to manage your content with. It is pretty straight forward stuff so just jump in and...