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  1. JLee3D

    Access is restricted to your hosting account / Blocked

    Was your issue solved for PLDT? I checked and it is not blacklisted: Got this same issue and now my account is suspended since I can not login to Control Panel. I send emails and now I am being ignored, no more replies except for the first email which...
  2. JLee3D

    New and Improved Status Page

    Thanks for this! :cool:
  3. JLee3D

    David Deland, aka Carl6969

    RIP David, you will be missed.
  4. JLee3D

    Google is saying this is an attack site?

    Me too, and I thought I've been 'malwared'. But it is just a security measure built-into firefox. You can try to bypass it by going to tools->options ->security and uncheck block reported attack sites for the time being, and only if you are browsing a trusted but listed page.
  5. JLee3D

    Forum changes? Bugs?

    Forum looks nicer now.. and I can see the arcade link again ;)
  6. JLee3D

    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    Exactly! :owneddanc
  7. JLee3D

    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    I use CPanel to configure my site for the 1st time, then I don't go there anymore until I need to configure something again. I think we just need another panel, even if its much primitive as the current one.. if there's one available. :naughty: