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    regarding 503 problem and dissapearing posts

    Over the last 24 hours since my site went down I came on here to find I was not the only member affected. I have read terrible posts about MX.10s free hosting service. I never take these posts seriously because of competitors always trying to put the boot in. But there have been at least 6...
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    :( 503 Service Unavailable

    I thought it was just me. glad in one sense that it isnt. but i have downloaded all files and database to be sure but in defense of x10 hosting. I have a few pages of html I added to the site. They are running ok. So the problem is with Lite Speed
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    Website php help

    Hi and thank you. The code change has worked perfect. :smile: When in the Admin area and it asks you to enter a discription this is the area it appears in? But it matters not as the code has worked a treat Thank you
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    Some help required editing my site

    Originally Posted by essellarThe correct forum would be Scripts, 3rd Party Apps, and Programming. You can probably expect fairly quick responses for n00b and intermediate-level questions, since there are quite a few members here who have the basics. You might find that a web search for your...
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    Website php help

    Hi thanks for the reply. I think it should be easy? My site is and if you check the page between the navigation bar and the first listing is information text. The trouble being this is a set...
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    Website php help

    Hi not sure if this is the right place but I could do with some advice on adding text to a php page. No point in going into detail till I know im on the right forum. Thanks for reading.