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  1. stitchrokcs

    Hotmail Vs Yahoo Vs Gmail

    Gmail, more than enough space, easy access to other google features like reader and docs. Almost no ads.
  2. stitchrokcs

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I personally like Windows7 mainly for school and gaming, however I have heard good things about Ubuntu but it wont support most of the game I play and it doesn't support Adobe CS Products like illustrator so I really cant do much without those so I'll be sticking to windows for a while longer...
  3. stitchrokcs

    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    Bioware for making Knights of the Old Republic and now The Old Republic (MMORPG), also Mass Effect 1 and 2
  4. stitchrokcs

    SSH Shell Hosting

    Oh ok I knew the VPS could do it wasn't sure if premium would. Thanks.
  5. stitchrokcs

    SSH Shell Hosting

    For premium x10 accounts I noticed it says that it allows shell hosting and I was wondering to what extent? Would I be able to run my own BNC from it? Or an IRC Bot? Possible an entire IRC Network with IRCd and Srvx?
  6. stitchrokcs

    Hey stitch here!

    Thanks for the input and welcome! Well I have used the free before and from time to time I would get a 503 error but then it would go back to normal and I kinda notice it does tend to lag I'm pretty sure it's because of the number of accounts on the free server and the premium accounts are...
  7. stitchrokcs

    Hey stitch here!

    Well I am not exactly new to x10hosting but I'm more or less new to the forums. Anyway I love x10 I have used their free hosting on and off for almost a year and have recommended a few people here one even got a VPS. Anyway I am considering purchasing a Premium Hosting Package, but it's...
  8. stitchrokcs

    Free Accounts Upgraded

    Thanks so much for the increase :) it means alot!
  9. stitchrokcs

    Disney Dream Forums

    Disney Dream Forums is a place to talk about anything and everything Disney, from the rides to the shows to the online worlds. We are looking for active members who will post often and participate in the many planned events! We have many many feature queued up such as the Arcade, IRC Chat and...
  10. stitchrokcs

    Count to 1 Million

  11. stitchrokcs

    Vbulletin or PHPBB

    If you have the money vB all the way if you dont have the money or you dont want to pay hen MyBB is for you. PhpBB just failz.
  12. stitchrokcs

    Count to 1 Million

  13. stitchrokcs

    Domain Change to a domain

    OK my current x10 domain is however I want to change it to I requested the change quite a few hours ago and wasnt sure about a few things. - Do I have to register the domain and just park it with x10? Or will x10 make the domain...
  14. stitchrokcs

    x10 Credits Lottery

    This sounds like a great idea :) :lockd:
  15. stitchrokcs

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for eating corned beef in the first place!
  16. stitchrokcs

    Free Hosting Uptime

    Wow thats amazing near 100% Which when rounded up is 100% thats great! Keep up the servers and thanks X10Hosting staff!
  17. stitchrokcs

    Hey its Stitch!

    Ok thank you for that information :)
  18. stitchrokcs

    Review my site please

    Great site! It has been blocked by all major browsers for phishing!
  19. stitchrokcs

    Battle of the Browsers

    Re: Fav. Browser FireFox 3.5 of course IE is a complete fail and worst of all I cant un-install it from my computer thanks to Microsoft's genius hard-programming it into the core. FireFox has great add-ons and is fast and reliable only thing is that you need add-ons for everything from...
  20. stitchrokcs


    I would say yes they are up to something because they are linking with major sites such as youtube. They have their own email (gmail) and now their own browser. If google releases its own OS tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised.