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  1. Conor

    Javascript Help - Total Beginner

    Hey guys, I'm a total beginner in Javascript and I need help! I have an assignment due tomorrow and I can't get this figured out! I'll try to break it down for you as best I can. The goal: When the 'Process' button is clicked, the inputted 'Price' multiplies by the number of items inputted...
  2. Conor

    CSS Help Needed

    I need some CSS help, fairly simple. Add on AIM: comuiri6 Points will be rewarded.
  3. Conor

    Experienced Joomla Developer Needed! Job Pays!

    Hey guys, Basically I need someone to create me a template for Joomla from an already existing website. It's a fairly straightforward job but I just have no time for it. I will pay for the successful completion of the job. Please PM me if you're interested and I can pass on more details. Conor
  4. Conor

    HD Analyzer?

    Hey all, I have an 80GB HD in my rig and it's telling me it's only got 109MB left. This is impossible because I recently reformatted and only reinstalled 2 of the approx 15 games I had installed before and before I had loads of space left anyways. Anyways I'm wondering if anyone can...
  5. Conor

    Strange CSS div problems I am developing a Toronto version of this site for a client. That Australian version gave us the files and images we need to do it but it seems like they did a halfassed job on the HTML. If you go: you'll see that not everything is lining up too...
  6. Conor

    mySQL Database copy?

    Hey guys, long time no post Anyways, I have 2 different websites on 2 different servers. I want to copy a mySQL database and all its info from one server and import it onto the other can I do this? I'm guessing it's through phpMyAdmin but I don't know where to go/which files to...
  7. Conor

    CSS Quickie!

    Got a quick CSS problem. Just getting back into coding so bear with me! I need a font color code for each individual div for my layout. For instance: Div1: Black text Div2: White Text Div3: Black Text Div4: White text This is because my background color for each div is switching...
  8. Conor

    Dual Monitor Help

    Hey guys (long time no post!) I need some help here. Running a nvidia geforce 6600GT PCI-E in my system. I have it set up for dual monitors. I have my 19" computer Viewsonic monitor and then my 46" LCD Samsung TV. I need to know how to have seperate resolutions for both (I need higher...
  9. Conor

    Photoshop Plugin Exist?

    Hey, I am drawing caricatures and wondering if there is a Photoshop Plugin for making them? Thanks, Conor
  10. Conor

    Code Something Get points Hi guys, I need someone to code an HTML file (and CSS) similar to that Joomla! template above. I am then going to put in the Joomla code and customize the CSS file to my needs :) I will give as many points as I have at...
  11. Conor

    Quick! Easy Points

    I need to find out the customs and other fees that will be charged to me when I ship a computer to the Republic of Ireland. Pts to the first to find the proper fees.
  12. Conor

    Serious Help

    Hi guys. Recently my Liteon Combo drive hasn't been detected on my computer. So I want to 'recover' my windows xp. However, how am I to run the windows xp recovery console if I can't load a cd onto my system!? Anybody with experience? Second question. Replacing the motherboard. I want to...
  13. Conor

    [REQ] Banner Quick Job

    100pts I need a smallish banner with a picture of Paul Henderson, a Canadian flag blended into the bg, and some pics of Henderson playing hockey. Should fit in a word doc horizontally.
  14. Conor

    WMP Help

    All the movies I watch on websites (embedded) are pink. How do I fix?
  15. Conor

    Graphic Restore [500pts]

    I need someone to restore the attached graphic to a vivid, clear image. It is a logo so make it nice and shiny :)
  16. Conor

    Which font is the noobiest?

    Well? Comics Sans, Times New Roman? Give me your choice and why!
  17. Conor

    Add Mentos and Diet Coke and what do you get?

    An explosion!
  18. Conor

    Flash - My first 2 thingies

    Yay. Getting better and better with flash, w00t.* They aren't that big in reality. SWF files fill whole page when viewed individually. *Move mouse up and down beside the monkey.
  19. Conor

    The World Cup 2006

    Surprisingly enough there is no thread about the biggest sports tournament in the world. :dunno: Well I have watched all the games so far and am surprised at some teams. My favourite is the Netherlands, but Brazil will win it once again.
  20. Conor


    I need CSS help. Looks alright in IE but ever since I edited some of the body code it got messed in FF. Also, I want to put in a bg image....and what code do I use to apply the bgcolor of a div to the ENTIRE thing and not just where there is text?